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  1. Hi Azazel and thanks for your response. I'm afraid I only understood a small amount of your email and I know that most of your instructions are far too complex for my technical understanding. I'm also not convinced that it was Google that did the damage as it happened immediately after the Marshmallow update. As there doesn't seem to be any telephone or on-line support for Poweramp for users I think i'll just have to scrap Poweramp and subscribe to Spotify which is probably much easier to understand and more reliable. I really like the Poweramp sound but the customer service is staggeringly bad. Best Pablo
  2. Hi all I've been using Poweramp without much problem for last 2 years on my samsung s5 phone. I have 2 playlists, one called modern and the other called classical. They're both backed up as m3u8 files on Dropbox as a precaution along with all my music files in VLC audio format about 20GB in size. I got sent an android software update to my phone to Marshmallow some weeks ago which I've avoided installing until yesterday when to my horror it somehow installed itself .........I must have pushed the wrong button. Just as I feared...............android software updates always suck and when i went to use Poweramp Library I noticed that my play lists said 0 songs instead of 2325 songs and 0 songs instead of 193 songs that normally displayed and obviously nothing would play. I then flipped over to folders and noticed that they were all totally mixed-up with different artists being in the wrong folders etc. I went on-line and read that there have been issues with marshmallow that involved it apparently changing the name of users SD cards for some bizarre reason. I followed some suggestion directing me into Poweramp settings and then recommended a full re-scan which i wish i hadn't done as next thing i got was a warning message about deleting something and it all went nuts. I'd be really grateful for any help you could give me and if possible some answers to my moronic questions: - As my music files and playlists are all backed up on dropbox would it be sensible to delete all messed-up folders and playlists from Poweramp now or will re-naming the SD card automatically allow files to go back in their correct places ? As my music folders and files are still on my SD card, would someone give me a simple list of steps that a five year old can follow to re-name my SD card...........if that's what you recommend as a fix to restore everything as it was ? Does re-naming the SD card screw up any other apps or programs that wont recognise the cards new name ? Many thanks for your help Pablo