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  1. Although I have installed this skin app, it still shows no third party skins. Now, I can only use the default skin options.
  2. I have installed two 3rd party skins, but I cannot find them in Poweramp--settings--look and feel--skin. Although I can apply them by opening the skin app, I cannot have my personal skin setting and just have to use the default setting. At first, I think maybe the skin apps need permission to startup by Poweramp just like other apps with plugins. But I have checked the list of startup records and neither of them requires for permissions.
  3. Why dose Google play show build-793? I have installed build-792, but Google play still shows it is available for update. And is there any difference between them?
  4. How about adding an option to adjust the primary output sample rate to the song format instead of upsampling to a fixed rate?
  5. And it's weird that build 790 works properly under HD Output mode but not Hi-Res. Now, build 705 seems to work properly under Hi-Res mode(it just seems because no HI-FI sign on the status bar and I haven't seen the audio output information through adb command) and it has no HD Output option. By the way, how are the device filters designed? You can see my device information here: Thank you very much. My English is poor and I'm sorry for that.
  6. Emmm, I know that process and I have used adb command to see the audio output information. adb shell dumpsys media.audio_flinger On my PC screen, the audio output information shows my device work well with HD output. Besides, the player also show that it processes audio properly. ps: I have upload the audio information and you can also see the differences from the picture(you can download the picture if not clear). The first column is vivo music player which is the default player. The second is poweramp_build_790 under HD Output mode and the third is build_705 under Hi-Res
  7. Why do not support Android 7 ? Build 790 works well with HD Output on my device which system is based on Android 7.1.1.
  8. adb shell dumpsys media.audio_flinger This adb instruction can also show the audio output information on your PC screen.
  9. adb shell dumpsys media.audio_flinger This adb instruction can also show the audio output information in your PC screen.
  10. The Resampler will convert different sample rate to the same for DAC output. It's very clever to operate the audio file with resampling. But it may not be perfect, because it's better to switch the final sample rate to match an integral multiple of the original.
  11. Now, the latest version 790 seems to work properly with Open ES HD Output. However, when I use Hi-Res Output, the volume is very low. Besides, although I choose to open Hi-Res Output, it seems that Open ES Output is active rather than Hi-Res Output. Just as follows, Open ES Output shows active, but I set Wired Headset/AUX active in Hi-Res. By the way, I want to know whether Open ES Output is only for Android 8.0+. It seems to work properly in my device which system is just based on Android 7.1.1.
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