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  1. Thank you, Andre. Can you please explain to me briefly, how to replace the treble-clef symbol with the album or folder symbol. If I press on the treble-clef symbol, I can switch to the album / folder symbol, but then treble-clef symbol will be displayed again in the player.
  2. Here's my screenshot. https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/33694782/Screenshot_20170807-224207.png
  3. Now I set Repeat to "-->" (is this "advance list") and Shuffle to Off. Now the >>> button isn't aktivated. What can I do to reactivate the <<< >>> buttons? Thank you for your help!
  4. Thanks for your answer, Andre. I meant the player. In the Player I can not jump from one album (= folder) to another. Albums often appear twice. The folders are displayed correctly in the folder view, but in the Player I can not jump from one folder to another, if I use the <<< >>> buttons.
  5. Hello, can someone please explain how to scroll from one folder to the next? I can only browse between songs within an album or jump through the albums completely arbitrarily. Then some often appear twice and in a row. Best regards