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  1. The new update results in unstability in performance of Poweramp. 1) Even if I connect the headset or Bluetooth the music is played through the device speaker(buttons of Bluetooth and headset still functions) 2) I assigned the techno Equalizer for headset and later assigned bass. But the Equalizer automatically changed back to techno for next song. Then I unassigned the techno Equalizer and deleted it. But Still for the next song the Equalizer set back to techno again.


    Model:Samsung galaxy S7 edge

    OS:Android 7.0

  2. It is my favorite player I have ever used. Lots of cool features have included in Poweramp which always amazed me. I love using this software and I also happy to took part for supporting and improving of this product. 

    After the last update I can't even play or pause using headset button. Rarely some occasion the button may respond. The double tap for next song function is also not working. The long press button is also not functioning properly.

    Model: Samsung galaxy S7 edge

    OS: android nougat 7.0

    Chip :snapdragon 820

    Version :alpha build 704


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