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  1. I have all but completely given up hope that this SORELY lacking feature will ever be added... Sad...
  2. The ratings/sync issue is the reason I stopped using Poweramp. A shame, too... seems like such a simple feature to add. The separate Poweramp dbs holding playlists, ratings, etc. is a PITA. That should be an optional thing. Every few months I check back in to see if they have added the embedded ratings functionality... but it's about time to stop even doing that I guess.
  3. Maybe not replace star ratings, but compliment them? Offering either way to rate would be phenomenal.
  4. How would one go about becoming part of the testing group for the upcoming version of PA?
  5. Seconded... This would be an excellent addition to the current feature options.
  6. I agree with all of this... this is a feature I used to love in a previous player I used. Creating custom DYNAMICALLY generated playlists would be amazing!
  7. One of the only areas that Poweramp is lacking, in my opinion, is track ratings management, I have seen many requests to have ratings stored within the MP3 tracks themeselves, but have not seen any asking to include this rating feature on the Poweramp widget(s). OFTEN I wish I had this capability, like i had previously with a competing music player. Can this be added?
  8. +1 for both for me... I am sadly uninstalling my full version purchased Poweramp after using, and generally loving, it for the past 2 months... But ratings not being saved in MP3s when set, as well as albums not being embedded just ruins it for me. Those two features are near the top (if not at THE top) of my list. Also, the autoscan bug that wiped out my playlists really sucked as well. I will be checking back in later hoping these features are added so I can put it back on my new S3.
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