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  1. We'll, because I'd previously posted that it wasn't working. Just wanted to say now fixed with the new beta
  2. Xiaomi Mi max running lineage os 7.1.2. Hi Res fully working. Using the new beta. BTW, damn this beta is good.
  3. Hey, A little off topic, but for those of you who hi-res stopped working on the Poweramp 704 after upgrading to Android 7+, try Neutron while waiting for the Poweramp update. Settings -> Audio Hardware -> Generic Driver -> Click the little triangle page turn -> Hi-Res Codec (Direct PCM). It's working for me. Not sure how it sounds compared to Poweramp Hi-Res, but it's something while you wait.
  4. Hi, Poweramp alpha-build-704 On the famous Mi Max Worked until the Nougat upgrade today. Now the option for hi Res appears. But says failed when I try to use it. Suggestions? Fantastic stuff with hi Res support BTW, world of difference audio_policy.conf attached audio_policy.conf
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