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  1. @clever_man, My device is ZUK Z2 Pro, with AEX 5.4 rooted by magisk 16.0 with Xposed Framework 90-beta3. If you want more information I would like to sand you an email instead of posting here. Just after a few hours I saw the news about v3 beta, which is posted by you. I think I can wait for v3 release and have a try. I hope v3 can really fix most of annoying bugs and we don't need this anymore. Thank you.
  2. @clever_man, I found a bug with your notification helper on Oreo. Thanks for your work! 1.When I change songs rapidly, it prompts “Poweramp notification helper has stopped working”(maybe not exactly, I am a Chinese user) 2.When this prompted, the controls still working, but the notification stop updating. (It still can switch A song to B, but the animation stopped changing.) 3.After restart the server or re-open the application, it works again. 4.Even I didn't switch songs that fast, this bug still there, but in a very low frequency. Maybe soon I won't need this anymore, but who knows :-P Again, thank you for your effort to build this App, it helps.
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