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  1. Yes, it does, because mine is directed at selfish people that feel entitled, not at someone trying to improve on a product. He doesn't owe anyone here a single thing other than making sure the original product he offered is working.
  2. I've posted a few times on this board in the numerous years I've used Poweramp; I've got to say, I've never seen so many "grown ass men" act like petulant little sh*ts that didn't get the toy they wanted while at the toy store with mommy. If you don't like what you paid a few dollars for, then move the f**k on and stop annoying the sh*t out of everyone that can conduct themselves as an adult. I don't know Max; hell, didn't even know he was the developer until you losers started bitching like entitled brats. Let the man develop. You morons obviously enjoy his product, so either shut the f**k up, or move on. Jesus Harriet Christ.
  3. An update on my situation. I think I've figured out what's going on. I uninstalled and reinstalled; everything is back to working great. The issue comes whenever I try to play a song directly from my file manager(s). I've tried with ES File Explorer and the baked in Samsung File Manager; both of these cause Poweramp to crash, immediately, and to continue to crash immediately until I uninstall/install again. Obviously, I'll refrain from trying to play music from my managers, but other than that, it's working really well for me on the Note 8. Just wanted to shoot this error out there. Thanks.
  4. Installed 790 a few days back and it worked perfectly, now it's crashing on startup. I've cleared cache, restarted my phone, etc...nothing has helped. I have a Note 8 on Sprint Network. Not rooted. Oreo OS. Haven't uninstalled and installed yet.
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