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  1. Thanks for the explanation, it helps a ton! However, I still believe it would be easier if shuffling by album or artist could be done when choosing mode 'artist' or 'album/folder'. This way I don't have to manually navigate to artist or album. It's a hassle, but I can live with it. On a side note, I didn't get an email notification for replies, even though I checked 'notify me of replies' when posting the thread.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone else has been getting this too, but the shuffle feature is a hot mess. Sometimes it works as intended (hallelujah!), and other times it simply leaves me disappointed. I shouldn't still be confused as to how it actually works. I remember it working well in v2. I am requesting for shuffle options to be 'Shuffle by album/folder' and 'Shuffle by artist'. *what is categories, anyway?* I am listening to a song in 'Shuffle all'. A song comes on. I want to listen to that artist. I choose 'Shuffle artist' to listen to all the songs by artist in shuffle mode, or 'Shuffle by album/folder' for that album/folder in shuffle mode. 'Shuffle all' shuffles all music tracks in the library. It won't confuse anyone, even when navigating to a specific artist/album, PA plays that query and should only shuffle if user selects 'Shuffle artist' or 'Shuffle album'. It's quite straightforward this way, I believe. Or, I might actually be ignorant about some tutorial on how to use shuffle mode on v3.
  3. Damn it dev, this crap works now! I am beyond glad to be able to use PA as intended. I wasn't checking on replies to this thread. I am very pleasantly surprised, @maxmp @andrewilley. Now that everything works great. I would love to see PA work with synchronized lyrics files, not just non-sync lyrics tags. I have a ton of those files from using Minilyrics on Windows. Not a necessity, though.
  4. Yes. Sorry. In any case, the metadata in the aac music files should have been read in v3. I have PM'ed you two links for testing.
  5. I have asked the question a couple of times on the forum, but I am left unanswered to this date. I have had this issue with the beta builds and currently the stable release. Tags from my aac files aren't being read by PA. I purchased this app because it was the only one that satisfyingly played my music. V2 works great. But why and how doesn't v3 not read the tags anymore?
  6. I mentioned it before and doing it again. I have issues with aac tags. V3 doesn't read them. V2 does. I don't understand why v3 can't read them.
  7. The reason I chose to buy (Pirate life) Poweramp was because it was worth it and it was the only player that supported reading AAC tags. And hell, now it doesn't. I don't understand why it doesn't read aac metadata anymore. Please someone explain to me! @maxmp Edit: I found another issue. When moving to v3, the album arts I had downloaded on v2 weren't displayed anymore. It's a definite hassle to fetch a few hundred album art all over again.
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