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  1. Thanks for the explanation, it helps a ton! However, I still believe it would be easier if shuffling by album or artist could be done when choosing mode 'artist' or 'album/folder'. This way I don't have to manually navigate to artist or album. It's a hassle, but I can live with it. On a side note, I didn't get an email notification for replies, even though I checked 'notify me of replies' when posting the thread.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone else has been getting this too, but the shuffle feature is a hot mess. Sometimes it works as intended (hallelujah!), and other times it simply leaves me disappointed. I shouldn't still be confused as to how it actually works. I remember it working well in v2. I am requesting for shuffle options to be 'Shuffle by album/folder' and 'Shuffle by artist'. *what is categories, anyway?* I am listening to a song in 'Shuffle all'. A song comes on. I want to listen to that artist. I choose 'Shuffle artist' to listen to all the songs by artist in shuffle mode, or 'Shuffle by album/folder' for that album/folder in shuffle mode. 'Shuffle all' shuffles all music tracks in the library. It won't confuse anyone, even when navigating to a specific artist/album, PA plays that query and should only shuffle if user selects 'Shuffle artist' or 'Shuffle album'. It's quite straightforward this way, I believe. Or, I might actually be ignorant about some tutorial on how to use shuffle mode on v3.
  3. Damn it dev, this crap works now! I am beyond glad to be able to use PA as intended. I wasn't checking on replies to this thread. I am very pleasantly surprised, @maxmp @andrewilley. Now that everything works great. I would love to see PA work with synchronized lyrics files, not just non-sync lyrics tags. I have a ton of those files from using Minilyrics on Windows. Not a necessity, though.
  4. Yes. Sorry. In any case, the metadata in the aac music files should have been read in v3. I have PM'ed you two links for testing.
  5. I have asked the question a couple of times on the forum, but I am left unanswered to this date. I have had this issue with the beta builds and currently the stable release. Tags from my aac files aren't being read by PA. I purchased this app because it was the only one that satisfyingly played my music. V2 works great. But why and how doesn't v3 not read the tags anymore?
  6. I mentioned it before and doing it again. I have issues with aac tags. V3 doesn't read them. V2 does. I don't understand why v3 can't read them.
  7. The reason I chose to buy (Pirate life) Poweramp was because it was worth it and it was the only player that supported reading AAC tags. And hell, now it doesn't. I don't understand why it doesn't read aac metadata anymore. Please someone explain to me! @maxmp Edit: I found another issue. When moving to v3, the album arts I had downloaded on v2 weren't displayed anymore. It's a definite hassle to fetch a few hundred album art all over again.
  8. Last.fm scrobbling through Simple Last.fm Scrobbler doesn't work anymore. Neither does a song get saved to 'scrobble cache' nor does it show as 'scrobbling now'. I noticed another user reporting the same. Please look into it.
  9. Yes. You are absolutely correct in saying this. It happens on Windows too. However, this issue isn't present in the stable version, not even on the latest alpha from play store. This is the biggest reason why I started using PA, it is the only music player without this issue that I tried. I believe it has something to do with code optimization perhaps (most players using the same generic source code?), or maybe the size of my music library as mentioned by another user?. I do have a crap load of music on my phone. EDIT: scratch this issue. I notice it is some of my AAC files that somehow lost some data from their tags. The rest seem fine.
  10. I have installed this beta today. I have a few things to point out. Pardon the repetition if these have already been mentioned in previous comments. These are issues and suggestions ONLY. 1. The song title within the player is displayed as FILE NAME instead of title from tag. - Happens with AAC music files. Play Store PA doesn't have this issue. 2. Maybe a previous/next button. Pretty please? - Changing songs on big screens is a huge hassle. 3. I am not sure if animations are laggy on my phone or they are meant to be slower, but it would be great if there was a toggle to make switching between interfaces within the app a bit more fluid (by disabling navigation animations?) 4. A bigger 'pause' button? 5. On tapping search, the keyboard should be opened automatically. It makes things easier than stretching the finger up to the top. 6. Tapping 'back' on 'search', 'equalizer' and 'library' subinterfaces should revert to player (current music playing UI). Only then should 'back' result in minimizing the app. 7. Are the Like/Dislike buttons operational in this version?
  11. Exactly. As long as I get to listen to my music whenever I need to (hopefully always with Poweramp), it's enough for me. It's not like I would go out of my way to buy fancy expensive accessories to listen to 'perfect' audio anyway. With hi-res or without, I'm good. But the tiny elitist in me would have loved to have it. HAVE IT!
  12. Well, htc ONE. Like, it has all these fancy features for music playback. But, it is still a device made primarily for the chinese market (among others), which made me skeptic. Anyway, thanks for the help. I guess, no 24bit audio for me. There's around 18gbs of free memory lying around, along with the ~4K aac compressed music files. Damn.
  13. I still have a question though. I am not sure if my phone has hi-res support. Can you look into it? If it does, I would like to request Poweramp support for my phone. audio_policy.conf
  14. Edit: scratch this. It works now. It didn't a month ago. Thanks for the help, dude! You may lock/delete this thread.
  15. I fully understand that the alpha builds are very unstable. Initially I thought it was the only reason behind the crashes, but reading the forum I am led to think otherwise. I do not really understand the whole Hi-res thing, or the DAC and whatnots. Maybe the issue comes from not having full support. Whatever alpha build I install, the app refuses to open. It would be awesome if someone could guide me on this matter. I have an HTC e9+ with LP 5.0.2. I am not sure if my phone supports hi-res. Thanks, and keep up the great work. Really impatient to play with the new version.
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