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  1. Play music using wired or BT handsfree/headsett. Disconnect the 3.5mm jack, or turn off the BT device Playback stopped, but widget state is not updated, still appear as playing.
  2. Andk

    Widget buttons disabled

    Yes, same here.. it makes the widget meaningless.
  3. Andk

    extra volume levels -> go lower

    I discovered that disabling "Direct Volume Control" fixes this just fine. - the feature is described as a lot of positive things, so I am not so sure disabling it is a good thing
  4. "Scroll to active item" Let's assume current filename is "music/album/artist-title.mp3" : if user opens "albums" , scroll album list to the album that contains that song. if user opens "folder view" , scroll folder list to the album that contains that song. advantage 1: will survive application restart advantage 2: if user found an album using "folder view" , he will spawn at right place in album view as well...
  5. Please make the extra volume levels range go lower, with several BT devices, and wired headphones, I find the lowest too loud for relaxing/quiet listening.
  6. Fantastic, thank you.
  7. Every time i open the folder or album view, it is showing top of the list. With >100 folders/albums, that sucks, and it's just annoying. Especially if you scroll down 80% of the list, to some album, then back as that album did not had a specific song etc. , again ... scrolling. Please restore album/folder etc lists appear with last position selected, preferably, with last selection highlighted.
  8. ITS a must for every Samsung user, works great, and bypasses the stupid 15 step volume mess that Samsung forces on its users. Consider advertising using keywords like volume steps and such. Thank you