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  1. First pic is the playlist sorted by filename, the next 3 are folders of albums in that playlist.
  2. Well it's not working like that at all, and I can assure you that my folders are neat. I can even send you a screenshot to see for yourself. BTW, I appreciate you taking the time to help me with this. Poweramp is by far my favorite Android music player and I would love to see everything working properly.
  3. I tried that and it sorts all of the track one's first, then all of the two's, and so on.
  4. If I sort the playlist by album it arranges the songs in the album in alphabetical order instead of the track number. Any way to change this?
  5. In a playlist, if I sort the songs by album, it will sort the songs by album but the songs will be in alphabetical order and in track order. If I sort by track order, it just sorts all the songs by track order regardless of album. It would be very convenient and helpful if I could sort the songs by album AND track order without having to do it manually. Cheers!
  6. mattlines

    Question regarding playlist

    Thanks for the response! It would really be neat if there was a next/previous and play/pause button right on the ui while browsing through menus. There sure is enough room for it. The only buttons I have available are my volume buttons and I sure wouldn't want to change tracks every time I adjust my volume!
  7. Hi all. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this. Currently when I long press a song while it's playing, "album", "artist", and "folder" pops up after a second. Is there a way to get "add to playlist" to pop up in this menu as well instead of having to hit the menu button in the top right first? Also, is there a way to press next/previous song while in a menu? Being able to switch tracks while browsing the menu would be a godsend. Cheers!