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  1. Topic basically. This is driving me absolutely mad. I can't find anything in the settings to adjust this. Nothing is being output in stereo. I'm using the latest version and I'm using a Samsung Galaxy s10+. Please someone help. This is one of my favorite apps! Edit: Turns out the mono setting was on the whole time and my poor eyes couldn't tell it was highlighted. I'm a dummy. Please disregard or delete topic lol
  2. First pic is the playlist sorted by filename, the next 3 are folders of albums in that playlist.
  3. Well it's not working like that at all, and I can assure you that my folders are neat. I can even send you a screenshot to see for yourself. BTW, I appreciate you taking the time to help me with this. Poweramp is by far my favorite Android music player and I would love to see everything working properly.
  4. I tried that and it sorts all of the track one's first, then all of the two's, and so on.
  5. If I sort the playlist by album it arranges the songs in the album in alphabetical order instead of the track number. Any way to change this?
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