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  1. Thank you both for your answers. Yes, I've found the App of Theoklink and installed it. I don't want to criticize the app yet, as long as I can't safely say, that it's not my handling, which leads to some problems. The software often stops responding and is closed by Android. Nevertheless, I guess, that creating some non-Poweramp-playlists already made me something much more easy. Am going to try a little further. kind regards, mortan
  2. As you may have recognized, many users are disliking your playlist/top-rated-songs handling. Why it's not possible (as an option), to store e.g. the rating of songs inside of the songs? If you prefer storing this data in the database, why you chose the fixed location to identify the song, and not for example a hash-tag? I'm in a need to change the phone. I've got about 800 top rated songs and its not gonna be no pleasure to re-tag the same songs again... as I already did a dozen of times. still didn't find the App of TheoKlink. regards, mo