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  1. I've tried it with v3 and it still gives the same result. It is indeed the non-ASCII characters that's causing it since sorting the list by anything other than alphabetical order seems to fix it.
  2. Basically what happens is that when I try to scroll through my albums/tracks/folders (basically throughout the whole UI), the scroll bar would not work properly at all. For example I'm scrolling down my list of albums and the scrollbar already starts at 30% down the "page" and it will randomly "stutter". It's easier to show this on video and I have recorded it on my phone to demonstrate: Video I've had this issue on my Galaxy S6 and also my new LG G6 which I recently upgraded to. The video was recorded on my G6 with Version 2.0.10-build-588-play (Full Version) as shown in the video. I've tried doing it with the Material theme on and with the default theme it's still the same.
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