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  1. Hello Devs and moderators.. I am using a OnePlus 3 (SD 820) Running on a AOSPA based ROM namely Paranoid Android 7.1.2 rooted with magisk V13.3. (custom ROM for OP3) I have already tried audio.offload.pcm.24bit.enable set to true in build.prop but my High Res Output still fails over AUX or headphones..my device does support 24 bit audio due to the SD PCM of 24 bits. I have tried enabling and disabling DVC but no luck High Res still fails it switched back to Open SL as default.. I have clean flashed the ROM thus removing any kind of audio mods that were present including Viper4android. I tried to do this too audio.offload.pcm.16bit.enable set to false. Nothing works.. I would appreciate some help here and would love to buy the final version when it comes out. Thanks.. I have attached my audio policy with this..! One being in the /system/etc Other being in the /magisk/audmodlib/system/etc If you require any more information do contact me..!! audio_policy.conf audiopolicy in magisk.txt Edit: Tried out with other ROMS like Official Oxygen OS 4.1.6 namely Android 7.1.1 and another AOSPA Custom ROM namely Phoenix AEX ROM V 4.4 Android 7.1.2..no luck...tried everything that i mentioned above. Removed Audio policy of Magisk and did a clean flash too but still no luck. You know what.... I am lucky that I didn't buy the app... You people just wanna make money even out of a alpha build..?? There is absolutely zero support for anything that's haywire... Your App apparently broke the ability to play any audio file on my phone including playing from file explorers....i had to do a full clean flash to fix this heptic idiocy of your idiotic app..! Now don't tell me i did something wrong a clean flash with a factory reset and a data partion wipe will remove any traces of apps and also other audio mods. I am a dev..so i was able to fix this....what about the other people out there..?? TO ALL PEOPLE OUT HERE. Think twice even before installing a alpha build.... i repeat.. IT BROKE MY PHONE'S ABILITY TO PLAY ANY GOD DAMN MUSIC FILE. That high res feature is what attracted me to it most... but after listening to a friend's phone with your aplha build on working high res output and high res headphones..i must say Neutron is miles ahead of you...the sound of this app was comparable to Neutron streaming over my APT-X bluetooth headphone XD. So yeah....do check the forums regularly and maintain support to everyone over here this message is to all devs and moderators out there at Poweramp. I am sorry for lashing at you guys.. I know the life of a dev.. But lets face it this is the reality.
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