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  1. This is the best solution, @maxmp. Not all EQ settings will be imported from autoEQ, some will still be manually entered. After you went through the work of manually entering an EQ setting, you want to make sure it won't be affected by some accidental change. Preset locking is the way to go!
  2. @andrewilley: Thanks for mentioning that! I was not aware that the parametric EQ had already been ported to the PA player app. I have just updated my player to the newest build.
  3. @Aller2TeaM: Thanks! I had overlooked that setting. Everything works perfectly now.
  4. Hello, I am a user of the Poweramp Player app. I installed Poweramp Equalizer build-908-arm64-play to use it with the Poweramp Player app, while the parametric equalizer is not ported to the player app. The parametric equalizer looks very good! @maxmp: Thanks for your great work! I have already purchased the premium version of the EQ app, in order to support further development. The EQ app works fine with YouTube Music on my phone. However, I was not able to make it work with the Poweramp Player app. The player and EQ apps are running on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ with Android 11. I have already disabled DVC and enabled MusicFX in Poweramp Player, granted DUMP and Notification Listener permissions to Poweramp EQ, turned on the experimental "Enable Player Tracking" feature of the EQ app, and turned on "Disable absolute volume" under "Default USB configuration" in Android Developer options. Is there something else I should do? Thanks!
  5. This feature would be great not only for headphones, but also for speakers. Audio Science Review publishes parametric EQ settings for reviewed speakers (see example in the attached image). I don't really care for a UI for this. Just being able to select a text file (which could be in CSV format) with (frequency, gain, Q) triples would be fine! PS: The image is from https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/jbl-stage-a130-review-speaker.18260/
  6. I was not able to downgrade Poweramp from v3-build-838-arm64-play to v3-build-837-uni-no-google-services... 😞
  7. This might or might not be relevant, but I started to experience this problem last week, when I switched from an S8+ to an S10+. On my old S8+ I had no problem at all. The attached screenshot was taken on the S10+. I am using Poweramp v3-build-838-arm64-play. PS: I will try v3-build-837-uni-no-google-services and post any results here.
  8. I confirm that consecutively repeated tracks are not being scrobbled correctly. I have some playlists that contain consecutive repetitions of the same track. In this scenario, only the first occurrence of a repeated track gets into the scrobble cache of my scrobbling app (Simple Last.fm Scrobbler). All subsequent consecutive occurrences of that track are ignored. This happens regardless of the setting in the "Notify now playing" option of the scrobbling app. The problem seems to show up only when consecutive repetitions of a track appear in a playlist. If the repetitions are manually played, of if they are caused by Poweramp's "Repeat Song" option, then they are correctly scrobbled. In my setting, the problem started very recently -- about three or four days ago. Details: Poweramp v3-build-823-play (Full Version) Simple Last.fm Scrobbler v1.5.7 Galaxy S8+ with Android 9
  9. I confirm that Poweramp does a license check not only after it is reinstalled, after a system reset (whatever that means), or after a ROM update. My wife and I are both Poweramp users. I convinced her to purchase the app because I was very satisfied with Poweramp. However, it appears that she was never able to use the app for an entire flight. After some time with the phone in airplane mode, the music player walks out on her saying that the license verification failed. This is not reasonable at all and makes Poweramp look like a scam. The strange thing is that the failing license checks happen to my wife, but not to me! And our phones are identical: each of us has a stock Galaxy S7. In both phones, Poweramp shows the information "Purchase Verified" and "Store: Play" in Settings->About. A difference that may or may not be relevant is the app usage pattern. I use Poweramp most of the time. My wife is more like a casual user, who sometimes spends several days without opening Poweramp. But she wants to use it when traveling by plane or by car. And the app in her phone refuses to work in the absence of an internet connection... Yesterday we traveled together, side by side in a plane. I used Poweramp during all flight, but she got a failed license check after half an hour or so. If the intention is for the license to be "checked once/twice (website/play) and stored forever", then Poweramp has a bug. The problem may not be easy to understand and reproduce, but it exists and shows up in a stock Galaxy S7. If the developer cannot fix the bug, he should at least provide some workaround for the unlucky paying customers that are being bitten by it.
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