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  1. What an absolutely awesome update... DSD support. It just keeps getting better, might have to grab a 256gb sdcard at this rate?
  2. If I was asked when I first started using v3, my answer would have been "go back to v2"...but now I have used v3 since final beta was released, I have to say I much prefer the function and look of the new UI, it has definitely grown on me. @maxmp did a great job bringing it up to date. Just proves we are creatures of habit and we don't suffer change well as it takes us out of our comfort zone.
  3. This feels much more polished than v790 even though v792/793 is a final stage beta. I am finding bugs but they have already been mentioned earlier. Bit of a learning curve to get used to the new UI but it looks great and sounds excellent. HiRes working perfectly wired and wireless on my Axon 7. @maxmp don't listen to the negativity, it just shows the community passion for your great work. Big kudos bud?
  4. On point number 2. Try switching your output to 'AudioTrack Output' in PA audio settings and try the controls again on your car Bluetooth. If it works then switch back to your original OpenSL/HiRes output and test again. I used this on my BT headphones after this issue reared its head and they started working again.
  5. Without root it gets a bit more complicated and you are looking at using ADB and USB debugging from a computer console/ terminal app to bring the same info over. Added...just like @IWantBeta put so eloquently above lol
  6. If you are rooted, you can use a terminal app like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=yarolegovich.materialterminal Make sure you are playing a HiRes song in PA. Open the terminal app and type "su", then enter. This gives root access. Then type "dumpsys media.audio_flinger". This will spill out a good amount of data. Check through the data till you find the OUTPUTs that have a standby =no. Check the processing format/sample rate lines and it should read something like the attached pic.
  7. Confirmed...this definitely fixes BT control. Still outputs HiRes through my Sony 1000XM2's according to the dumpsys as well. Added... Out of curiosity I tried switching back to the Hi Res API which BT controls stopped working on and the BT controls are working again. ERM!!! Great catch @Pointro
  8. According to the issue tracker it seems Google have already patched play store, just gotta wait for it to rollout. Folks are reporting 10.7.19 is working fine...caused a mass of butthurt though for the devs
  9. It all depends on the Android version. I went with the reflashing of GApp's as I am rooted with magisk. I will say that it has not attempted to update itself back to 10.7.xx, could be that Google have pulled that version their end.
  10. It is but it's not as simple as the rooted method of flashing an earlier Google play services version in recovery. It requires using adb and fastboot. Take a look at this... https://thedroidguru.com/how-to-downgrade-an-android-app-without-root/ ...but honestly, if you have never used these and are not prepared to root, just bite your bottom lip and wait till Google fix it their end. Are you on Oreo or some earlier version of Android?
  11. https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/110978499 It's an issue that Google introduced to the latest play store version 10.7.xx which breaks LVL. You need to downgrade play store back to 10.6.xx
  12. https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/110978499 It's an issue that Google introduced to the latest play store version 10.7.xx which breaks LVL. You need to downgrade play store back to 10.6.xx
  13. Just a follow up about this. Seems Google have broke something badly with the play store and LVL. https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/110978499 @andrewilley maybe this could be reported in some other similar threads to put people's minds at rest
  14. 1. ZTE Axon 7 A2017 2. NFound's AEX 5.6 B12 Oreo custom ROM...latest 3. See attached Due to recent changes in audio config on said ROM, Poweramp v709 Google play beta is now outputting HiRes through the SD820 DAC wired and BT. Tested with v790, this did not output HiRes though. audio_output_policy.conf
  15. Yes, a dirty flash should be fine, just make sure you wipe dalvik/cache. I tend to download a fresh GApp's package each time I flash an update. Seems the open_gapps-arm64-8.1-nano-20180629 package broke something, so I went with the older 20180623 package and all went back to working
  16. Sorry I should have wrote GApp's. It's a Google apps package that is flashed along side a custom ROM like lineage/AOSP that doesn't have those apps native to it usually obtained from opengapps. If you do not flash custom ROMs, you will have no need for it.
  17. Ok I have a follow up to my problem with this. It had nothing to do with any of my music apps, it was down to a bad Gapp's installation during a ROM update. Unsure whether the current Gapp's is broken or it was a corrupt download but went back to my previous Gapp's package and everything started working again. Hoping this may help someone if they are an android poweruser.
  18. Same issue here. Thing is that Neutron is doing the same thing and can't verify that it was purchased from Google play, keeps telling me my trial is over even though it is the full version...there was an update to the Play Store a couple days ago, maybe Google broke something. It is a PITA for sure!
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