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  1. I had high res output when on 7.1.2....so why would they disable it on there own phone in 8.1? Google added in HD audio codecs and such for Bluetooth and all that, with a big focus on improving audio subsystem in Android....so it should support high res.
  2. Any chance that OpenSL ES HD will be available to use via AUX on the Pixel/Pixel XL (1st gen).?
  3. I was surprised by a notification to update Poweramp.... No way the new V3 was ready yet...i thought. It isn't....of course... Update to the previous "Alpha" build that I have had for 2 yrs...WOW! What a surprise! Fixed the notification issue..and added OpenSL ES HD. (for USB DAC and BT) Working excellent on my Pixel XL!
  4. I do notice this notification helper app...does sometimes see more persistent than the app. As when i close the app, the notification still is present and it has come back a few times even after i press the X. "You meaning PA Lockscreen? It's developed for Android 2.x isn't updated for the future version of Android and will be completely removed from the next version of Poweramp." HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA! The next version........like the current version is a alpha build from over 2yrs ago! Wont see a new version for long time if EVER!.
  5. Cool! Seems to work ok on my Pixel XL with 8.1 with Feb Security update. Gald to be able to change song while u use the phone again....otherwise...ive been fine with using the Poweramp lock screen thing.
  6. Is the "Info" button on the top RIGHT next to the other buttons on the now playing screen.
  7. AptX and AptX HD are for bluetooth! As far as i know, high res setting does nothing for bluetooth. Second, what Bluetooth codecs ur device has has to due with the ROM on the phone, not hardware. Many OEM's don't include AptX HD. They have to pay licensing fees etc. My Moto X Pure has a custom rom on it and it supports all the Bluetooth codecs now because those were written into the custom rom, where as Stock Moto rom did not. Even much older phones with custom rom can support the newer codecs. Not until recently, with Android 8.0 did Google integrate such Bluetooth codecs in to stock Android, but it is still an Optional thing for oems to licence and add in to there roms. Third, Sony LDAC is the best codec so far. As it does 330, 660 and 990kbps. http://www.avhub.com.au/news/sound-image/what-is-sony-ldac-and-how-does-it-do-it-408285 I have 2 sets of Sony BT earbuds that support LDAC, and there is a noticeable difference between forcing AptX/AptX HD vs LDAC using my Pixel XL that supports all of them natively.
  8. Either your device DAC does not support 24bit via native API then, OEMs may require their own firmware module to activate it (Samsung and LG love to do this) or Poweramp is reporting in wrong. Use a external USB DAC and it will report correctly if u set those same Output settings. (i use Fiio E17K ALPEN 2 ) I know for certain these output settings worked on the LG v10. I had 2 of them. one that was upgraded and one that was not. The upgraded one lost the High res output option and sounded terrible. After changing those output settings, i compared the sound out of each of them via aux, sounded the same again. (LG does have a Hi-Fi DAC toggle option in their rom u have to have enabled too) On my Pixel XL, even when on 7.1.2 and Poweramp High res output worked, it still was says it was 16bit. Only my USB DAC would say 24bit.
  9. No...that does not effect anything to do with High Res output. Also, that only affect Bluetooth, not AUX jack.
  10. i have had this issue alot on V3. Mainly when i switch listening devices while Poweramp is still active in the background. when u change song, the EQ preset changes back to the last used setting. only way i have seen to fix this, is to stop playback, go into the task window screen and swipe away power amp (closes it). then open Poweramp...EQ should behave correctly now.
  11. Eureka! I discovered that switching Poweramp to use the Default Android audio API (not OpenSL ES)...and enabling the Float32 Sample Format option solved my sound quality issues since upgrading my Pixel to Android 8.0. It is like having the HiFi DAC option back. It is treating my USB DAC as it was before on Android N in HiFi mode. It sounds great again! Did the same for AUX/Headphone jack and Bluetooth....significant improvement! (Especially using Sony BT headphones that support LDAC) I read there were lots of changes in Android O audio internals and something else to due with the HAL. Perhaps the default Android audio API now supports "HiFi" built in?
  12. Just updated my Pixel XL to Android O 8.0 and I notice the High res audio audio option is missing. I use a USB DAC FiiO DAC E17K. Non rooted device. On 7.1.2 Poweramp showed Hi-Res output using 24bit 96khz fine. After OS update to 8.0....it now shows its using the regular OpenSL ES Output. I am on Poweramp alpha-build-704-uni(full version). 7.1.2 8.0
  13. It's however Poweramp works as no other media player apps does this..... Not a big deal, just have to press my head units pause button every-time i change to BT audio source. Would be great if the dev could integrate BT device connect profiles(kind alike how the EQ settings can be auto set when assigned input is used). So when ## device is detected do not respond to first play command....though that may not stop future play commands that occur when i change head units input source and back to BT....maybe make it changeable so that Play command can be long press or double press to play.
  14. Updated to build 704. And both of those settings are disabled. The only setting that affects this issue is "Respond to Buttons".
  15. I have been using "alpha-build-703-play (fullVersion) for a while and on mutiple phones. (Moto X pure and LG V10)...is there a newer version somewhere? This auto play thing only happens with Poweramp....no other apps. Also do not have this issue on my other 2 phones...just the Pixel which is bone stock Google Android. There is no options for BT autoplay. only auto connect but that just means i have to manual connect the phone to the head unit (Kenwood HDC-BT762HD) and Poweramp still auto plays when first connect and when i change sources, then back to BT in.
  16. Same issue here with my Kenwood head unit and my Google Pixel XL. Sure, disabling the BT button support stops the auto play....but that also disables the head units control buttons to control the player......also...disables my controls on my BT headsets. Any fix for this?
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