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  1. The reason I joined this forum was because after upgrading to Nougat I noticed a significant reduction is sound quality when using Poweramp, which then prompted me to measure the frequency response of the headphone output confirming that it was limited to 20kHz. Now I accept it may not be the wider frequency response that is contribution to the higher sound quality, but using the experimental high-res out certainly creates an audible improvement that I picked up on without initially knowing that was why things did not sound as good as before. In fact I now have another Android app that can also play HiRes direct to my phones DAC but it does not sound quite as good as Poweramp's HiRes mode which I guess must be due to a cleaner audio path when using Poweramp, but it too sounds much better than other apps using the standard Android audio output. I have now downgraded back to Marshmallow and the sound quality is back to how I remembered it.
  2. I would love to roll back to Marshmallow but I didn't think that was possible?
  3. I am now. Installed 704 but when I select "HiRes Output (Experimental)" it see the message "Failed: Poweramp Hi-Res Exp Output Using default output"
  4. I have an LG V10 which worked great at high sample rates in Marshmallow. Just upgraded to Nougat and now even with the OpenSL ES Output active I am only getting 16-bit 48khz. I actually noticed the difference in sound which prompted me to investigate what changed.
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