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  1. I have a beta of another app that also successfully does hi-res playback not only in Android 6 but also in 7 and 8 which PA will not with my phone. It sounds every bit as good as PA and has more features such as DLNA playback. Once PA was unique but it no longer is, you can now get the same audio quality with other apps.
  2. I don't understand why some people are getting so upset about the lack of any progress. The cost of the app is such a small amount of money and there are now alternative apps that work with hi-res hardware and plenty more with other features. So if you find the lack of any communication frustrating why not take a look at other apps and move on elsewhere? That is what I've done and I am very happy with what I am now using. I am only paying a quick visit to this forum out of curiosity to see if anythings changed in the last few months but I see it hasn't.
  3. Yes it is. But to my ears it doesn't sound quite as good on my LG V10 as Poweramp does. It's close, but not the same.
  4. The reason I joined this forum was because after upgrading to Nougat I noticed a significant reduction is sound quality when using Poweramp, which then prompted me to measure the frequency response of the headphone output confirming that it was limited to 20kHz. Now I accept it may not be the wider frequency response that is contribution to the higher sound quality, but using the experimental high-res out certainly creates an audible improvement that I picked up on without initially knowing that was why things did not sound as good as before. In fact I now have another Android app that can also play HiRes direct to my phones DAC but it does not sound quite as good as Poweramp's HiRes mode which I guess must be due to a cleaner audio path when using Poweramp, but it too sounds much better than other apps using the standard Android audio output. I have now downgraded back to Marshmallow and the sound quality is back to how I remembered it.
  5. I would love to roll back to Marshmallow but I didn't think that was possible?
  6. I am now. Installed 704 but when I select "HiRes Output (Experimental)" it see the message "Failed: Poweramp Hi-Res Exp Output Using default output"
  7. I have an LG V10 which worked great at high sample rates in Marshmallow. Just upgraded to Nougat and now even with the OpenSL ES Output active I am only getting 16-bit 48khz. I actually noticed the difference in sound which prompted me to investigate what changed.
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