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  1. So I am finding, yet I am sure there is a demand for it. Hi-res surround music tracks are supported via pass through on the shield, but no music player supporting playing surround hi res flac audio files. Very disappointing. Still wanting to know if this is prevented by the Android OS (or Android TV OS) or simply because no developer has seen the need for doing this.
  2. Hi Folk Totally new here. Have an Nvidia Shield TV 16Gb 2017 version running Android Nougat. Large number of hires flac files (mostly 96k 24bit, one at 192K). Here is the catch: most are 5.1 surround. I have found comments over a number of sites that state that the Android OS (standard or TV OS) will not support hi-res surround audio files. Regardless of device hardware. Can any of the android tech gurus here comment on this? Looking to playback via HDMI to an AV receiver. So far, using Kodi Krypton, either no-play, or down-sampled to 48K
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