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  1. Can you explain what you mean by "Can we have an option to get our music on a wifi server like this app does"? When you say server like this it could mean anything from a laptop to a physical file server to a cloud server. Please explain what you'd like to do (rather than have me go to a google website)
  2. True volume amplitude control is a hardware function. Software can only affect it within the limits the hardware imposes. In other words, only Samsung can fix this.
  3. Wo hat Sie gesagt , das Poweramp and apple zudamnengearbeitet? Niemals... Apple ist der Teufel!!! Amazon Music hat ein kostenlos player für das iPhone. Das Schreiben in Deutsch ist sehr hart mit englischer Rechtschreibprüfung!! Danke für die Möglichkeit.
  4. I read you're close to beta. I'm definitely for it. I'm a long time Poweramp user and a fanatical privacy advocate and power google hater. I just put a Pioneer NEX 4200 in my pickup and have a Samsung G S7. (Believe it or not, I hate apple more than google. Much longer bad history with apple) I was a software engineer and a network engineer before I retired.
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