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  1. 2. Who needs buttons for that anymore.....its a brave new world XD tap or swipe down the album art, brings you to said albums tracklist, swipe left or right there brings you to all albums, swipe left or right back to library, swipe left or right back to playing screen, rinse repeat again and again, felt like a giddy 5yo when I found it did that hahaha
  2. Some odd reason Poweramp doesn't send, or whatever it's meant to, album art to KLWP for showing in bitmap shapes :/ hopefully that's just temporary, I've got album art in all my KLWP setups....now they're stuck on the last track played in Sammy music XD
  3. There's on average 43,800 minutes per month...taking a mere 2 of those to post a short update on proceedings is in no way shape or form an unreasonable request....
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