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  1. Are you playing the audio via phone speaker? Hi Res output is available only with Headphones/External Speakers connected via 3.5mm jack and with USB DAC. It is not supported for phone speaker. Connect headphones and check. Before connecting headphones pls make sure you have enabled hi res output for headphones / aux.
  2. when you are playing a file, relevant information is displayed just below the play/pause button. by clicking on that info, you can toggle between bit rate/file name/output mode (Hi Res etc). Attaching screenshots.
  3. Hi Res output was working fine on Mi Max Prime with Android Marshmallow. But after the device is upgraded to Nougat Hi Res output option disappeared with alpha build 703 (same is the case with my LG G6 with Nougat). With build 704 the Hi Res option came back on Mi Max but Hi Res outpu is failing.
  4. Hi Observed the following issues on Nougat. 1. Alpha build 703 downloaded from playstore does not have Experimental Hi Res Output option in Nougat. I am using Mi Max with Snapdragon 24 bit PCM. When the device was on Marshmallow I could use the Hi Res Output option with the alpha version downloaded from playstore. Recently the device is updated to Nougat, after which the Hi Res Output option disappeared. Same is the case with my LG G6 (comes with Nougat). When I downloaded the alpha build from Playstore, I could not see the Hi Res output option. 2. Alpha build 704, downloaded fr
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