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  1. I installed the unlocker, then uninstalled Playstore updates, and now the Poweramp setting shows "Purchase Verified" instantly, even without any loading animation. I really cannot express my gratitude enough for your time and patience. Thank you sir, thank you very much. I hope there will be no further troubles in the future.
  2. I saw your latest response on Friday but was unable to reply because I was travelling, therefore I apologize for the delay. I did another factory reset last Friday (12/7/2017) and here's the odd thing: i opened playstore and Poweramp unlocker was displayed as if I haven't made the purchase. Instead of the INSTALL button, i get the price of the app displayed. I forgot to mention that this also happened when tried to reinstall Poweramp after the factory reset i mentioned on the first post, but when i open playstore on Chrome on PC, I saw the INSTALL button and immediately the one on my Samsung turned into INSTALL button as well. This time, I tried to repurchase the app, and PlayStore asked for my Google password, which it rejected. The app said I entered the wrong password which couldn't be the case because I had just entered my Google password upon resetting my phone. I checked the connection, the background data, auto-sync. I even tried to login to Gmail via web to see if my password still worked, and it did. Only when it concerns playstore verification did my password fail. So what is the case here? Does this have anything to do with my outdated Android OS? Like, does my phone no longer keep up with whatever security or verification standard playstore applies nowadays?
  3. I am sorry if I caused more confusion by the description, perhaps I should elaborate: I used to have this Samsung with Android 2.3.6, since 2012, but then it got stuck in a bootloop and from googling around I suspect it was a defective battery, it being an old phone. Because I believed the battery is the cause, I changed to my late father's phone, which happened to be the Motorola XT535 Android 2.3.7 I purchased the Poweramp unlocker with (it was an old model too, perhaps purchased around 2013). But it was inferior in every aspect, and that combined with my external SD card seemingly ran out of read-write cycle, i forced myself to see if a factory reset will actually fix the bootloop and well, it did. Some causes for annoyances remained, such as the phone's screen stuck on black after ending a call, but it was good as new on every other aspect. And then this license verification thing came up.
  4. The details as I have written here? I will do that. And yes it was the same google account, and i seemed to have no problem with the internet connection seeing that i can download the unlocker app just seconds before verification. I have tried using Wi-Fi as well.
  5. I have purchased the unlocker for Poweramp 2.0.10 build 588 on March 2017 on a Motorola XT535 Android 2.3.7 and everything was fine. Then I changed phone to Samsung Galaxy Wonder Android 2.3.6, installed Poweramp and suddenly it stops working because it fails to verify license even though I've got the Unlocker installed. So i get this GOOGLE PLAY RESPONSE ERROR CONTACTING SERVER, and followed its every direction on the "get support" button. But it yields no positive result: Every time I reinstall Poweramp trial from google play, opened it, then reinstall Unlocker (From google play), i will open setting and license checking will fail, then after a few tries Poweramp will force close with "unable to verify license". This has happened for more than 3 days, through countless iterations of uninstalls and reinstalls, with many combinations of uninstalling the unlocker only or both main app and unlocker. I even cleared the cache of Google Play app and even cleared its data. Whenever I open Poweramp with the unlocker uninstaled, I will get the trial version running alright, but when i "restore purchase" from Google Play, and get the unlocker installed, Poweramp will fail immediately. Sometimes I'll even get the message "thank you for purchasing Poweramp full version", and it wont immediately fail, but when I open Poweramp settings, I will see "License Verification Failed", it will load for 5 seconds, then it shows the same message again. This has been bothering me very much, for I'd hate to see if a factory reset will fix it, and I very much doubt it. Should you be able to provide a fix or a solution, I would be very grateful. Notes: I have filled in the google docs form for bug reports, and have sent the logcat text to the designated email address.
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