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  1. Thanks for your answer. "This is something that is not hi-res is for - flat raw sound as close to original captured as possible." What do you mean? Which setting is the "flat raw sound"? BTW, I'm using a Hidizs Sonata DAC.
  2. UPDATE: I've just disabled Direct Volume Control and the issue has resolved itself. If I revert to enabling DVC the issue comes back.
  3. I'm pretty sure I don't have anything else/other apps affecting my volume. Let me try to explain precisely what the issue is: - When I play music with the RINGTONE volume off (silent/vibration modes), there's no music being played at all, even if I turn up the MEDIA volume to max. - When I play music with the RINGTONE volume at any other volume than 100%, the max volume of the music reaching my headphones is dimmed/not 100% even if I turn up the MEDIA at 100%. - when I play music with the RINGTONE volume at 100%, then I get regular behaviour of the MEDIA level. This means that it's impossible for me to listen to music in silent or vibration mode. It also means that the RINGTONE volume has to be turned up all the way to 100%, which means that if I'm listening to music at 60% volume, the notifications ring in my ears at 100% volume. Please note that the behaviour is the same whether I use a regular USBC-to-1.8mm dongle or my Hidizs DAC. This behaviour only happens when using hi-res output.
  4. Hi guys The issue with the Huawei p30 pro isn't solved yet [build 843] - Poweramp in high-res mode still wont play unless "ringtone" is at max volume. I still get notification sounds being played at 100% volume while I'm listening to music. Should I file a new bug report? Thanks
  5. I hadn't noticed, you're right: I get this symptom only with Hi-Res output
  6. So... This only happens when using Poweramp: When I listen to music, "ringtone" volume has to be at max volume for Poweramp to work. When I lower/turn off "ringtone", Poweramp goes silent. Other music apps don't do that. This means that when I'm listening to music and someone sends me a message through Facebook Messenger I go deaf for an hour or two. I'm using Poweramp's latest version and I own a Huawei p30 pro (all updated to latest versions). Is that a bug? Should I report it?
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