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  1. Thanks for your answer. "This is something that is not hi-res is for - flat raw sound as close to original captured as possible." What do you mean? Which setting is the "flat raw sound"? BTW, I'm using a Hidizs Sonata DAC.
  2. UPDATE: I've just disabled Direct Volume Control and the issue has resolved itself. If I revert to enabling DVC the issue comes back.
  3. I'm pretty sure I don't have anything else/other apps affecting my volume. Let me try to explain precisely what the issue is: - When I play music with the RINGTONE volume off (silent/vibration modes), there's no music being played at all, even if I turn up the MEDIA volume to max. - When I play music with the RINGTONE volume at any other volume than 100%, the max volume of the music reaching my headphones is dimmed/not 100% even if I turn up the MEDIA at 100%. - when I play music with the RINGTONE volume at 100%, then I get regular behaviour of the MEDIA level. This m
  4. Hi guys The issue with the Huawei p30 pro isn't solved yet [build 843] - Poweramp in high-res mode still wont play unless "ringtone" is at max volume. I still get notification sounds being played at 100% volume while I'm listening to music. Should I file a new bug report? Thanks
  5. I hadn't noticed, you're right: I get this symptom only with Hi-Res output
  6. So... This only happens when using Poweramp: When I listen to music, "ringtone" volume has to be at max volume for Poweramp to work. When I lower/turn off "ringtone", Poweramp goes silent. Other music apps don't do that. This means that when I'm listening to music and someone sends me a message through Facebook Messenger I go deaf for an hour or two. I'm using Poweramp's latest version and I own a Huawei p30 pro (all updated to latest versions). Is that a bug? Should I report it?
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