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  1. Hi, Just noticed some tiny stutter when listening to music today... I mean it's really tiny, and happens only once or two per albums I will say, but there is a small "click" still noticeable... it may be just my phone and some random background app causing this, but I was just wondering what are the ways to make playback the smoothest and most stable possible ? There's a bunch of settings with the buffering and all, I used to modify this back then with the old Poweramp but not anymore. I've the build 845 (which I think is the most recent one). Thanks !
  2. It's a Wiko Tommy 2 with Android 7.1 Nougat.
  3. Hi ! I have a new phone (temporarily) and I installed the latest Poweramp on it (I have the full paid version), however in the last few days, two times Poweramp shut down while I was listening to music. When I open it again a message says something like "Poweramp was probably killed by a battery saver on your phone, check settings" ... but I've checked, the battery saving isn't activated on my phone. Do you know what can make Poweramp to suddenly stop playing ? Thanks !
  4. Well honestly I went back to the previous version and the scrobbling works fine... I guess it's just their fault on the new version. Maybe someday I'll try again with V3 using Simple Lastfm as you say
  5. Hi ! My Poweramp has been updated to V3, doesn't seem very good (I hate the skins/interface) but I guess I'll get used to it. However, something really bothers me: with this new version, the scrobbling with lastfm seem to SUCK a lot. I activated it as usual, using the lastfm app, but hell, it almost doesn't scrobble anything, sometimes I see the lastfm icon on top screen saying the song will be scrobbled, but it just disappears on the next songs. Listened to an album just now and just one track out of 10 have been scrobbled. This is awful, did anyone has the same problem with the new version ?
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