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  1. That's a known issue will be fixed in upcoming versions till then you can use your keyboards delete button
  2. No you can't you can control the fading options for controls but album art will disappear What's the point of having visualisation on top of album art?
  3. I love this new update you did a wonderful job Max thank you so much really appreciate it But my lock screen is not working Device Redmi Note 4 running stock miui (not rooted) Guys if you're experiencing issues in audio quality specially in bass out put please don't update from v790 to v793 clean install from play store instead, I was having issues with the bass it was super flat now my xb920 jumping on my head again But still the lock screen is not working it shows Android screen instead of PA lock screen.
  4. Actually no not at all, because I know I have no choice I am using Android since 2011 then in 2012 I got a job I made a bank account purchased galaxy S3 & the first thing I purchased from play store is Poweramp. Right now I have all the premium music players except neutron, onkyo, radsone they are craps And the most expensive one I have now is jet audio plus with all audio plugin which cost me around 1030 Indian rupees & trust me dude I have tried each and every sound mods ever created on Android platform except those HTC & Xperia exclusives For me if I want the best possible sound solution for my phone I have no freaking other choice than Poweramp Sound mods also gives amazing audio performance but in 2018 I'm not in mood for these bull shit I need a bug/hassle free peaceful life If you really want some thing else you are free to do so get something else or create something by your self don't cry here This is the place for bug reports not for crying And you are so lucky that this is Poweramp forum not XDA otherwise everybody knows what happens to cry baby's there
  5. So for that reason you uninstalled Poweramp, can you please tell me which player your using? Does it have that feature you mentioned? I am little bit of curious Btw I have 2 music folders & Poweramp only scan them.
  6. Because this feature is not implemented yet you'll get it when the next beta will come
  7. Completely agree with you I also noticed the same thing it sounds so much better than 709 or any other previous versions I have used so far The soundstage, vocals fells so good I really wish that the next beta or even the final version comes with this exact audio engine
  8. 1. I think the difference between black and black pro is one comes with older seek bar and the pro comes with new seek bar just an assumption not sure though. I don't think that you have to pay any extra for a built in theme again an assumption not sure though, even if it is I don't mind to pay Poweramp cost much less than any other crap out there in the play store 2. I guess I already answered
  9. This version also working flawlessly on Redmi Note 4 like the previous version but I will continue use 790 version for me it sounds better specifically the sound stage I'm getting is unreal I've never heard anything like this before it's just amazing
  10. @maxmp Thanks for the hi res fix for this version I really wish if this could be the final Poweramp v3 & not the new UI version Don't get me wrong but I really like this version over the new UI New UI looks phenomenal but it's not practical like this v705 version I don't like the way it shows back text on the album art, I don't like the fact that we have to use swipe gestures to change songs which is really very difficult to operate with single hand I really like the way it shows visualisation on v705 & also I'm able to get the bottom control panel as well I don't like full screen visualisation all the time Your the best I'm sure you'll address those for the final version of Poweramp If you could enable theme option for this 705 version this can be the final version of Poweramp but I know this is ain't gonna happen because a lot of people vote for new UI Let's hope for the best We will always support you for your amazing work Max
  11. I just discovered a strange issue today it happens twice I can't give log because I'm not rooted but I know how to reproduce this issue. If I backplayer ex, rocket player trun on the android equaliser leave it as it is then launch Poweramp start playing music it sounds so low it feels like some hissing noise along with little bit of highs coming out from the earphones also from the device speaker at the same time if I reboot my device everything went fine & sound normal. The device I'm using is Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon version running stock miui 9.5 not rooted Poweramp hi res out put working flawlessly also the open sl hi res out put working just fine Please note the issue I'm telling is happening only if I use Poweramps experimental hi res feature not happening with open sl out put. One thing I also wanted to mention that even if I use Google play music & turn on stock android music FX then I quit and launch Poweramp it's still producing the same hissing sound from earphones as well as from the speaker at the same time. Only way to fix this reboot my device
  12. Let me tell you one thing that so called Xtreme music's 384k & bla bla bla is nothing but a gimmick you can edit it 44.1-384k or whatever you want with a simple build prop editor A year ago I had a Samsung galaxy S3 indian model GT I 9300 I also get the same out put as you mentioned here using Xtreme music mod My galaxy S3 has Wolfson face chip which supports 16bit 44khz so how can it possible? I am not saying Xtreme music or arise or any other sound mod is not or they sound bad but I do say that the out put your getting 100% fake unreal science fiction like aliens caught in camera or ghost caught on camera videos. If those mods sound good to you and give a better music out (which they really do I can tell from my 6 years experience in XDA) you can use them But please don't measure your audio output using those apps.
  13. Hi mate you cannot judge/measure Poweramp's hi res output using viper Because viper never showed anything more than 44100/48000 since the day it was released a thousand years ago you should ask zhuhang about this if you are not sure or you don't believe me. One more thing I want to mention if you use viper4android it will down sample your Poweramp's hi res output to 44100/48000 even if you're playing a 24bit 192khz file using Poweramp it will be down sampled.
  14. Guys can I enable visualisation where the album artwork is located like it was on the v704 alpha
  15. This new beta is awesome the UI looks awesome I'm super impressed excellent work by Max hats off to you though it's in a testing phase some UI & library feature not working I don't want to mention them as it already mentioned New high res audio engine is incredible if I'm not wrong it's far better than V3 alpha my headphones sounds so good than ever before. There's nothing like Poweramp or even close Hell yeah I am satisfied
  16. Which headphones are you using I also have Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon version running stock miui 9.5 I don't have any issue you mentioned above. I'm using Sony MDR xb 920 for testing right now I can go up to 80% volume no distortion @ all Also tested my twinwoffers, creative EP 630, Flipkart basic in ear headphones they are not distorting
  17. Let's hope for the best guys I've visited this forum almost a trillion time since morning Hope Max keep his words No hard feelings I'm just a crazy Poweramp fan
  18. Installing viper or ther sound mods on stock ROM in 2018 is like a pain in the a** & custom ROM sucks too in many ways Poweramp is the only alternative for non rooted users but after reading your comment I also feel the same way Sad but true?
  19. Omg today is April 1st & it's so difficult for me to wait after knowing that this is going to release this month LoL I'm super excited Fingers crossed
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