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  1. Wow that's amazing thank you so much for your work ?
  2. Nope I have hundreds of 90s audio CDs none of them work my PC can't read them
  3. I mailed already yesterday but I didn't sent any mail today Here is the report New Trace collected :=====================Poweramp Error Report, collected on: Sat Sep 01 00:45:52 GMT+05:30 2018=======================================Version: beta-build-795-play full version Unlocker: 2-build-26Store: PlaySkin: 7f0e013bDevice: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 msm8953 mido mido armeabi-v7a armeabiInstaller: com.android.vending (11.4.16-all [0] [PR] 209796717)Android: 7.0 AL1512-mido-build-20180716173825 en_IN ARTFingerprint: xiaomi/mido/mido:7.0/NRD90M/V9.6.2.0.NCFMIFD:user/release-keysThread: 1 mainStack : ======= java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: OutOfMemoryError thrown while trying to throw OutOfMemoryError; no stack trace available**** End of current Report ***New Trace collected :=====================
  4. I'm experiencing random crashing while browsing the library or while changing songs. Some time it also failed to load album art while changing the track then it crashed. After restarting the app album art loads properly and works fine. Please note: I already reinstalled the app without importing settings still experiencing random crashing (it's rare but present) I cannot reproduce easily I also wanted to mention that audio leaking from the speaker is gone after the update Device: Redmi Note 4 stock miui 9 latest non rooted
  5. This sample skin is fabulous it gives us an idea about how the upcoming skins gonna looks but I have few questions, even though most probably I'm going to use the new design with modern waveform 1. What if the song name is bigger I love 90s Bollywood music & they usually have bigger title than showing above like "Pyaar toh hona hi tha" with multiple artists name bellow like "Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik" etc etc How it's gonna look does it overlaps the ratings? 2. Second thing is those black boxes around song title & ratings will they change according album art or at least some sort of gradient colours? 3. Can I disable these physical buttons from control panel below and use new waveform with gesture controls?
  6. 1. Skin SDK is out so it's up to third party skin developers 2. Reinstall Poweramp & check 795 working flawlessly on my phone If still not solved then downgrade from here
  7. I see that musixmatch opened API for developers @Max can you make it work for Poweramp V3. May be it's a subscription based service for the users or Dev have to pay for once I don't know how it's going to work but if you can do this it will be great thing to have https://developer.musixmatch.com
  8. Poweramp didn't show adds I think you forgot to install the unlocker I have been using Poweramp from 5-6 years haven't seen any adds yet LoL
  9. I am also facing same issue since v790 beta If this happens after receiving notification or phone call you can fix this by enabling this option Or if you are facing the same for random/not sure reasons then i don't know
  10. I would love to see something like this This screenshot is from stellio player My second most favourite music player after Poweramp The best part in this waveform it changes colour according to album art
  11. No it won't work that way you can change it manually for each and every time though or use 48khz output like every other players out there
  12. Nice design but no thanks we already have Blackplayer EX & don't need another one at the moment
  13. New UI obviously you did a wonderful job hats off
  14. Maybe that's device related I can search anything from my side here only the "x" button is not working
  15. That's a known issue will be fixed in upcoming versions till then you can use your keyboards delete button
  16. No you can't you can control the fading options for controls but album art will disappear What's the point of having visualisation on top of album art?
  17. I love this new update you did a wonderful job Max thank you so much really appreciate it But my lock screen is not working Device Redmi Note 4 running stock miui (not rooted) Guys if you're experiencing issues in audio quality specially in bass out put please don't update from v790 to v793 clean install from play store instead, I was having issues with the bass it was super flat now my xb920 jumping on my head again But still the lock screen is not working it shows Android screen instead of PA lock screen.
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