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  1. 1. Skin SDK is out so it's up to third party skin developers 2. Reinstall Poweramp & check 795 working flawlessly on my phone If still not solved then downgrade from here
  2. I see that musixmatch opened API for developers @Max can you make it work for Poweramp V3. May be it's a subscription based service for the users or Dev have to pay for once I don't know how it's going to work but if you can do this it will be great thing to have https://developer.musixmatch.com
  3. Poweramp didn't show adds I think you forgot to install the unlocker I have been using Poweramp from 5-6 years haven't seen any adds yet LoL
  4. I am also facing same issue since v790 beta If this happens after receiving notification or phone call you can fix this by enabling this option Or if you are facing the same for random/not sure reasons then i don't know
  5. I would love to see something like this This screenshot is from stellio player My second most favourite music player after Poweramp The best part in this waveform it changes colour according to album art
  6. No it won't work that way you can change it manually for each and every time though or use 48khz output like every other players out there
  7. Nice design but no thanks we already have Blackplayer EX & don't need another one at the moment
  8. New UI obviously you did a wonderful job hats off
  9. Maybe that's device related I can search anything from my side here only the "x" button is not working
  10. That's a known issue will be fixed in upcoming versions till then you can use your keyboards delete button
  11. No you can't you can control the fading options for controls but album art will disappear What's the point of having visualisation on top of album art?
  12. Actually no not at all, because I know I have no choice I am using Android since 2011 then in 2012 I got a job I made a bank account purchased galaxy S3 & the first thing I purchased from play store is Poweramp. Right now I have all the premium music players except neutron, onkyo, radsone they are craps And the most expensive one I have now is jet audio plus with all audio plugin which cost me around 1030 Indian rupees & trust me dude I have tried each and every sound mods ever created on Android platform except those HTC & Xperia exclusives For me if I want the best
  13. So for that reason you uninstalled Poweramp, can you please tell me which player your using? Does it have that feature you mentioned? I am little bit of curious Btw I have 2 music folders & Poweramp only scan them.
  14. Because this feature is not implemented yet you'll get it when the next beta will come
  15. Completely agree with you I also noticed the same thing it sounds so much better than 709 or any other previous versions I have used so far The soundstage, vocals fells so good I really wish that the next beta or even the final version comes with this exact audio engine
  16. 1. I think the difference between black and black pro is one comes with older seek bar and the pro comes with new seek bar just an assumption not sure though. I don't think that you have to pay any extra for a built in theme again an assumption not sure though, even if it is I don't mind to pay Poweramp cost much less than any other crap out there in the play store 2. I guess I already answered
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