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  1. Yes you can hide status bar from look and feel settings also you can make bottom navigation bar transparent (Poweramp bottom navigation & device navigation bar both) using a third-party theme. There's a few out there in skin section free and paid as well
  2. Wow back to back update thank you so much for your hard work
  3. Full screen visualisation is not working properly on lock screen sometime it stuck & sometimes it works. But if I use fade control mode then it works flawlessly.
  4. It's already working flawlessly since V3 797 build only the visualisation was not working on 797 but now it's fine The now playing screenshot is from lock screen
  5. Use the same email ID that you have used to purchase Poweramp earlier simple
  6. From where you download Poweramp V3 APK? Try to to install the universal APK from here & check
  7. I really like this new UI but I would love to see the ability to use old V2 styled skins or the current theme engine should give much more theming opportunity because new skins doesn't change the look properly ( maybe I'm wrong it's too early to judge) Old skins was much better than what we are getting now only some minor tweaks & colour changing options that's all If themes can't give a brand new look to the app (free or paid doesn't matter) then there's no need to have theming feature. The UI looks amazing to me I can live with this forever but I am not gonna pay a single
  8. Update your Poweramp to latest version which is RC 797 you can download it from play store or from the forum download section
  9. Can you make a skin like that now playing screen looks awesome
  10. Thats impossible never gonna happen May be we'll get a new skin from Max in future may be not who knows
  11. Go to settings>background then set background intensity to 80-90 as per your requirement
  12. You are not using stock ROM right? Because I also have Redmi Note 4 and the hi-res working flawlessly since the beginning. Which ROM are you using?
  13. You can make it transparent by using skins.
  14. Thanks for the update @maxmp It's working flawlessly album art loads properly no more crashing on my favourite Poweramp's default skin. But if I use Skin & use new alternative layout Poweramp crashes randomly. This not new to me it was there in v795 as well but not that frequent Device Redmi Note 4, stock miui latest, no root Here's a video regarding this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GO9XHO3glu1NBO1geRDqECMl7lcf4r0p/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks again for your hard work
  15. Same here for me also even though my library is not as big as yours still having the same issue. Whenever the album art is not loading in player screen it crashed after restarting the app everything is fine album art load properly. Did you try the free skin if you use it & try to change albums quickly it crashing even more frequently. I tried clean installing the app, tried full library several times but no luck Without the skin it's not that frequent but while using the skin it crashes quite often. Here is a video regarding the issue https://drive.google.com/file
  16. Sorry for this irrelevant question I'm not a Dev but I'm curious to know is it possible to make themes that not only give colour options/different seek bar options to choose from but gives a whole new look like old "Poweramp HD Skins" by our beloved Maxmp or "Skin For Poweramp Wooden" by Ikorolkov etc. I'm asking this because these new skins working like blackplayer ex skins I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
  17. Wow that's amazing thank you so much for your work ?
  18. Nope I have hundreds of 90s audio CDs none of them work my PC can't read them
  19. I mailed already yesterday but I didn't sent any mail today Here is the report New Trace collected :=====================Poweramp Error Report, collected on: Sat Sep 01 00:45:52 GMT+05:30 2018=======================================Version: beta-build-795-play full version Unlocker: 2-build-26Store: PlaySkin: 7f0e013bDevice: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 msm8953 mido mido armeabi-v7a armeabiInstaller: com.android.vending (11.4.16-all [0] [PR] 209796717)Android: 7.0 AL1512-mido-build-20180716173825 en_IN ARTFingerprint: xiaomi/mido/mido:7.0/NRD90M/V9.6.2.0.NCFMIFD:user/release-keysThread: 1 main
  20. I'm experiencing random crashing while browsing the library or while changing songs. Some time it also failed to load album art while changing the track then it crashed. After restarting the app album art loads properly and works fine. Please note: I already reinstalled the app without importing settings still experiencing random crashing (it's rare but present) I cannot reproduce easily I also wanted to mention that audio leaking from the speaker is gone after the update Device: Redmi Note 4 stock miui 9 latest non rooted
  21. This sample skin is fabulous it gives us an idea about how the upcoming skins gonna looks but I have few questions, even though most probably I'm going to use the new design with modern waveform 1. What if the song name is bigger I love 90s Bollywood music & they usually have bigger title than showing above like "Pyaar toh hona hi tha" with multiple artists name bellow like "Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik" etc etc How it's gonna look does it overlaps the ratings? 2. Second thing is those black boxes around song title & ratings will they change according album art or at least so
  22. 1. Skin SDK is out so it's up to third party skin developers 2. Reinstall Poweramp & check 795 working flawlessly on my phone If still not solved then downgrade from here
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