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  1. Guys I'm looking for something similar to this is there any milkdrop presets out there similar to them
  2. I also experienced something similar to this on my S3 years ago sadly there is no solution for this as far as I can tell Changing ROM could help like downgrade to marshmallow builds or try some other ROM I tried everything back then nothing worked for me though that's why I had to switch to archidroid 5.0 back then No body can help you your rom Dev would say this is not ROM related issue Try changing ROMs this is the only way or do some research and install arise if it works on device then you'll get lenovo hi res output as well even though it will be fake output but it w
  3. Good job very nice looking skin But spectrum visualiser is not working on equaliser screen
  4. Completely agree with you and appreciate your hard work for me you are the best Dev ever ?
  5. This zip contains 600+ high quality presets which I'm using right now I did not create this I found it in winamp forums as far as I can remember. I hope you'll find some good presets according to your liking One more thing I want to mention that not all presets working flawlessly many of them lags but you can find best ones too
  6. I'm not an expert but I can say milkdrop presets are not accurate I downloaded 50000 presets pack from torrent tested them 98% of them not accurate or I can say it's more like live wallpaper showing what it's intended to I only found 20-30 presets that looks good runs in hd without lag & had excellent graphics moves according to the beats that's it
  7. Use this milkdrop preset
  8. I found a strange bug the top visualisation panel hangs if I use it too much sometime it does not even appear after clicking on it
  9. Yes you can hide status bar from look and feel settings also you can make bottom navigation bar transparent (Poweramp bottom navigation & device navigation bar both) using a third-party theme. There's a few out there in skin section free and paid as well
  10. Wow back to back update thank you so much for your hard work
  11. Full screen visualisation is not working properly on lock screen sometime it stuck & sometimes it works. But if I use fade control mode then it works flawlessly.
  12. It's already working flawlessly since V3 797 build only the visualisation was not working on 797 but now it's fine The now playing screenshot is from lock screen
  13. Use the same email ID that you have used to purchase Poweramp earlier simple
  14. From where you download Poweramp V3 APK? Try to to install the universal APK from here & check
  15. I really like this new UI but I would love to see the ability to use old V2 styled skins or the current theme engine should give much more theming opportunity because new skins doesn't change the look properly ( maybe I'm wrong it's too early to judge) Old skins was much better than what we are getting now only some minor tweaks & colour changing options that's all If themes can't give a brand new look to the app (free or paid doesn't matter) then there's no need to have theming feature. The UI looks amazing to me I can live with this forever but I am not gonna pay a single
  16. Update your Poweramp to latest version which is RC 797 you can download it from play store or from the forum download section
  17. Can you make a skin like that now playing screen looks awesome
  18. Thats impossible never gonna happen May be we'll get a new skin from Max in future may be not who knows
  19. Go to settings>background then set background intensity to 80-90 as per your requirement
  20. You are not using stock ROM right? Because I also have Redmi Note 4 and the hi-res working flawlessly since the beginning. Which ROM are you using?
  21. You can make it transparent by using skins.
  22. Thanks for the update @maxmp It's working flawlessly album art loads properly no more crashing on my favourite Poweramp's default skin. But if I use Skin & use new alternative layout Poweramp crashes randomly. This not new to me it was there in v795 as well but not that frequent Device Redmi Note 4, stock miui latest, no root Here's a video regarding this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GO9XHO3glu1NBO1geRDqECMl7lcf4r0p/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks again for your hard work
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