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  1. If you consider this in future please make it optional because I absolutely love current lockscreen the way it looks & give us full access to the now playing screen it's perfect for me
  2. You can customise your Poweramp the way you want use this skin
  3. Open Poweramp then Long press your handset's physical menu button
  4. This is an (ancient) known issue of Nova launcher after installing some apps/games from play store the homescreen shortcut appeared but looks similar to this nothing happens when I click to it I have to remove that icon frpm home screen manually & re-create the shortcut by adding the app from app drawer that's it. Note: some system apps app like Camera (CyanogenMod/google camera) also look like this when I first install nova launcher on my galaxy S3 after a clean rom flash I've to recreate those shortcut manually. Some cm theme which has dashboard built-in has same dead home screen shortcut when you first install them on nova launcher I don't use noa launcher any more idk if it's fixed or not I'm guessing that people facing issues with emui ROM because of it's launcher I assume there's no app drawer to recreate the app shortcut again just a thought correct me if I'm wrong
  5. https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/15556-free-Poweramp-v3-skin-default-dark/
  6. I am speechless what an update thanks a ton man you're awesome🙏 Definitely the best skin on the market a must have for all @Andrew0 I only have one request now can you change the colour of spectrum bars on EQ screen similar to Poweramp's default dark theme like this one please
  7. Yea it's kinda sad but you can still use the first alpha V3 804 build it will support kikat & you'll get new hi res audio engine milkdrop visualisation etc. V3 Alpha 703/704 is as stable as v2 Note: skin will no longer work on this version
  8. Wow another awesome update well done Max your the best & thank you so much for all the new features specially the auto resume function this is dope 😍
  9. Install the theme then use these settings
  10. I mean the old attachments. I can't delete them manually as well it says me I'm not logged in but I'm already logged in.
  11. +1 Also the help screen has white text on white background
  12. You don't know about the half waveseek bar that means it is something unintentional or might be a visual glitch I'm not sure I absolutely love this design and it's not interfering with other options of the skin. It looks gorgeous with my personal gradient settings Please don't disable this & it also works with your latest update
  13. Yes your right built in spectrum visualisation
  14. @maxmp thanks for your reply this new update is awesome I can't stop using it
  15. Wow fantastic update Max many thanks for your work. Poweramp is 100% perfect now. I only have one more question related to this awesome update is there a way to put Poweramp's default spectrum bars below when album cover is enabled (in faded control mode not full screen mode) ? Something like this
  16. Awesome skin great work 👍 But I think It's a bug or whatever is this I like it 1080p 16:9 display
  17. Actually I have a solution but I'm not sure if it'll work or not because it's not working for me. I have stellio Pro it can search lyrics online and save them, Poweramp also show them flawlessly Saved lyrics will stay there forever until you uninstall stellio or clear it's data but the sad thing is that after the last update (stellio 5.4.1) can't save lyrics anymore I can search them but can't save them basically it's useless now if I need lyrics I have to search each & everytime I mailed them waiting for their response
  18. I was listening a podcast & the screen was locked for 30 minutes or so when the track finished I unlocked my phone found that seek bar is moving. I tried changing albums playing songs from different folder nothing worked After restarting Poweramp everything is fine If I play podcast again and lock the screen for a long time it happen again but not happening while playing music even if the screen is lock for more than 20 minutes. I use Gom audio plus to download podcast and listen them on Poweramp but I never experienced any problems so far Poweramp V3 808 Redmi note 4 latest miui 9
  19. Guys I'm looking for something similar to this is there any milkdrop presets out there similar to them
  20. I also experienced something similar to this on my S3 years ago sadly there is no solution for this as far as I can tell Changing ROM could help like downgrade to marshmallow builds or try some other ROM I tried everything back then nothing worked for me though that's why I had to switch to archidroid 5.0 back then No body can help you your rom Dev would say this is not ROM related issue Try changing ROMs this is the only way or do some research and install arise if it works on device then you'll get lenovo hi res output as well even though it will be fake output but it will sound good with Poweramp Or try to use the first Poweramp V3 704 alpha and see
  21. Lockscreen controls not working even the seek bar is not moving stuck at same place. I have to unlock everytime to take control of the player Lockscreen visualisation is not working Please note it happens with built in skin as well Poweramp V3 804 Redmi note 4 (Miui
  22. Good job very nice looking skin But spectrum visualiser is not working on equaliser screen
  23. Completely agree with you and appreciate your hard work for me you are the best Dev ever ?
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