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  1. Thanks Max for this wonderful update, but I'm not sure how to use network stream the Add Url option works in playlist category but nothing happens if I try to add it in other categories. Even after adding it to playlist category the playback is not working I still can't figure it out how to use network stream if I copy a link & paste in add URL option in my KM Player pro it starts playing but not the case with Poweramp is it limited to some specific website or I'm doing wrong or this is a different feature 🤔
  2. Which widget are you using, I use 4:4 widget it works fine
  3. What exactly is the problem do you want to play video in pop-up window mode and Poweramp at the same time??? Or you want pop-up window mode in Poweramp it self? If this is the case I think it would be cool because I saw this feature in black plyr ex as well if I remember correctly
  4. Max said he will add it in next beta release(Exporting equaliser pre-set)
  5. The way you implement elapsed time & total time you can use same technique for now playing screen (song title, artist name, album & meta information) to make it fully transparent. Similar to bellow image 1. Only if it is possible that way You can also use same technique for equaliser sliders and knobs similar to the below image 2
  6. Is that possible to add some additional transparency settings to make it look fully transparent. Like the seach bar, equaliser sliders, all the round knobs like tone, bass, stereo X, tempo, volume, reverberation knobs & the mini player. Im talking about Luminous Material White skin. Here are some SC
  7. Just like hide option for Ratings/Thumb system, is it possible to add additional options in player UI settings 1. Ability to hide song title 2. Ability to hide Artist and album 3. Ability to hide 3 dot menu It would be very useful for some skins which lacks alternative layout/these features
  8. Go to settings>library>Queue in Poweramp and disable this option if you want to start playing after end of current playing song. Alternatively you can activate this option for start playing immediately
  9. If I have something in my mind I'll definitely let you know to be honest this skin is perfect for me you did a fabulous job👍
  10. +1 I also have this bug & I absolutely love it this is so far the coolest bug I've ever seen
  11. Nice update thanks. I have a request for Luminous white skin is it possible to add a different white background or matt white colour background Im asking this for night time usage I know there are so many dark theme out there I have dark skin as well but I want to use it at night. Here are some examples
  12. It is 100% reproducible on my device (Redmi note 4, MIUI 10) it happens with with built-in skins (light+dark) as well as third party skins, I don't use start at library option but yes it does need a pattern to reproduce I have to enable visualisation in Faded Control Mode otherwise it will not show in library. +1 if it's possible to add visualisation in library Here is a short video https://youtu.be/FJaobCwmF70
  13. Yes the visualisation showing behind the library and I captured that screenshot using Poweramp built in dark skin but it behaves similarly with third party skins too I didn't change anything related to visualisation in settings after the last update. I think something is broken in the new version at first I thought it might be a new feature LoL
  14. Is this is a new feature or bug I'm experiencing this after the update If it's a bug please don't fix it I loved it
  15. Thanks for your time I think I have found the problem it's actually the "Font style" settings in the skin if I set anything other than default it becomes faulty and if I use default option it works just fine You said reinstalling skin won't change settings that's why I changed everything in your skin and suddenly found the cure thanks for your suggestion
  16. I can't say anything about the previous versions I'm new to this skin bought it few days ago. I made a video I'm sharing the link I can only hope that it will help you to diagnose the problem
  17. I'm using Redmi note 4 MIUI 10 android 7. Actually I didn't realise that this error pops up while using other skin as well so I think it is device related or Poweramp issue idk. Sorry to bother you
  18. I'm using Redmi note 4, android 7.0, MIUI 10 Latest global stable
  19. I am getting an error while changing third party skin options then it's re-set to Poweramp default skin. It's happening with two different skins made by two different developers (Retro Black skin & Luminous White) I captured the screenshot while using Luminous Here's is the screen shot (Please note that the error is 100% reproducible on both skins and give exact same error message) Luminous shows this error while accessing the song info screen almost every time & Retro Black skin give this error while changing accent colour it's easy to reproduce while visualisation is on other wise more than 10 attempt is required
  20. I'm experiencing a strange bug every time I try to see the tags it shows an error message then re-set to Poweramp default skin. I'm talking about Luminous skin Here's the screenshot
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