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  1. I can't reproduce it 🤔 Strange could be device specific
  2. @giannisgx89 Thank you so much for your continued support 🙏 I have one for suggestion for both LIV Black & LIV White skins. Please remove this white/black background under knobs It's not noticeable in Liv dark skin while using black or dark background but quite visible when I use Gradient background
  3. Wow great news thanks for the info Max & I hope it'll come in Poweramp player as well because I can't buy PA EQ it's not supported on my old Android 7 device.
  4. I agree with you the problem is minor & hard to notice but present since the beginning. Thanks for your reply appreciate it
  5. Poweramp v905 Device Redmi Note 4, Android 7 stock miui 11 It's not related to any specific radio station if I launch Poweramp & start playing any radio station from Poweramp playlist/streams category it shows proper song info on the mini plyer but the moment the current song ends Poweramp completely stopped updating mini plyer. But I see all the info on now playing screen & lockscreen/notification panel. I'll upload.pls file as well dance.ogg.pls Psyndora Psytrance.pls retrodance.ogg.pls RDMIX ITALO DISCO 80S.pls
  6. When I stream radio stations Poweramp accurately shows song information on mini player but when the track changes Poweramp stop updating mini player. I can see proper info on now playing screen & lock screen widget but not in mini player. Is this a bug? I'm experiencing this since internet streaming came out in which beta don't remember exactly
  7. @giannisgx89 Hi is it possible to add Album Art Shadow on/off toggle for now Playing Screen. I can see beautiful shadows in library categories but not in Now playing screen in both Liv Dark & white skin
  8. How to put rectangle at the top like built-in presets I've tried to edit some preset using the app but looks like it's not implemented yet
  9. I also figured out that some category icons missing in Retro Black skin as well (Years, Streams & Bookmark) I mailed him almost year ago still haven't received any response from him. There's also a serious bug in Accent color selection which trigger instant crash & makes Poweramp unusable I think he abandoned the skin
  10. I know it work on Liv Dark & didn't work on luminous skin I'm talking about built-in Poweramp skin (Light) specifically have this issue
  11. Thanks for the update Max🙏 After using it for a while I found two issues New rounded spectrum option for Eq screen is not working I can select all the given options but disable & classic only these two are working even if I set rounded it shows the old classic one on the eq screen. (I applied both light and dark built-in skins before testing) 2. Another problem is everytime I quit Poweramp & launch it again it trigger Full Rescan every single time, is this behaviour normal? I am asking this because it takes time to fully rescan the entire library 2500-3000 songs approxi
  12. I agree I'm not an audiophile or big audio known person and to be honest I'm not that great at tweaking advance equalisers. That's why I asked if I missed something because The Earphones/headphones I own doesn't need that much of efforts to get the best sound. Neutron is still the same garbage that I have bought years ago on my S3 only capable of producing distorted high frequencies lol. I'm just an average listener If anything sounds close to my good old Sony mini hi-fi shelf system then I'm satisfied. Which was easy to achieve in the past with sound mods even Poweramp V2 was capable enough.
  13. I agree the EQ on Neutron is horrible without preamp it's unusable because the amount of distortion it introduces, again with preamp the overall loudness decrease a lot to compensate that may be I need a dedicated amp which I don't have. I was curious to know how autoEq impact the overall sound quality but sadly my headphone is not listed I tried several others but the results are pretty much average I would say. Anyway thanks for your help
  14. I just installed neutron player after reading this and I must say it really works & I can clearly feel the difference but to be honest sound wise it's not that great as far as I can tell. Is there any additional steps or setup that I'm missing out. Because Poweramp sounds way better than this atleast to me. The loudness bass everything is 10 times lower than Poweramp. But it does change the actual sound signature of the headphones (please note I didn't find actual preset for my headphone yet will try again later) I do have full version of neutron player & Sony mdr xb920 headphone
  15. Hi I have some feature requests for this wonderful skin and I'm saying this after using it for over 2 months 1. Proper Adjustable Font Size/Slider (Which will effect the entire Poweramp UI expect settings) right now it's only effective in now playing screen 2. Adjustable Icon Size Sliders for Visualisation, sleep timer, repeat & shuffle icons, navigation icons, Play/Pause Next/Previous buttons etc 3. Album Art Transition (you can add multiple custom animations or you could add adjustable sliders just like Luminous skin) These are the options which I lack the most in my
  16. Thanks for the update the problem is gone now. Keep up the good work 🙏
  17. Hi I just bought this skin today and it's awesome specially the colours I loved it but I think there is a bug "the search edit font size" is not working in fact it automatically revert back to 0 no matter what what I chose. Here's a video of the problem https://youtu.be/DJWYUV1gTIw I'm using ancient Redmi note 4 miui 11 android 7 Latest Poweramp beta
  18. Thanks for the update love the new EQ features 🙏 I think there is a problem in Eq layout Bass is overlapping with tone & limit. This is not only present in the built-in skin I've same problem with luminous white skin as well Device rdmi note 4
  19. If I activate RG & change the source or change values then turned it off, then the sound quality decreased a lot. Resetting RG settings or audio output settings didn't help. Only way to get back same sound quality I have to reinstall Poweramp. By saying audio quality I mean the volume levels, deep bass clear highs all reduced a lot. I know I can increase the gain after activating RG but that only makes it louder nothing else it more like using volume booster. I have two redmi note 4's & I use MDR XB 920 headphone I can tell the difference instantly after enabling disabling
  20. I have made a feature request to him & he replied me today I just logged in to my account and saw his notification but when I click it I can't see his reply. It says you don't have permission/access. @andrewilley Can you tell please tell me why I'm seeing this I never violated any rules of this forum then why I can't access my own all time favourite skin Dev's response
  21. No problem I can wait & thanks a lot for your response 🙏
  22. @Rachel Tang I installed this plugin today and copied tons of IRC files to proper music directory but whenever I tried to use it I got an error & the app generates log in it's own folder. Please note I have given all the permissions I possibly could still no luck. Then I thought maybe I'm doing something wrong so I installed blackplayer ex again to test & it works flawlessly each & every IRC files working properly. Here's some screenshots & generated logs by the plugin itself log.zip
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