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  1. When will the LG V30 Quad Dac get full 32bit support in pa max?
  2. I like it the way it is!!! Thx!!!!
  3. Max please fix this error asap...thanks!!!!
  4. the v30 lg has a 32bit quad dac and it only shows it sampling in PA at 24bit. Can you please make it work at 32 bits thanks very much! Stock 8.0 oreo
  5. Can't parse apk file upon opening
  6. Please allow @maxmpPoweramp to detect quad dac and ess filter hardware fully not just direct hd variant for hires stock Oreo 8.0 on LG V30 thanks
  7. Please allow @maxmp Poweramp to detect quad dac and ess filter hardware fully not just direct hd variant for hires stock Oreo 8.0 on LG V30 thanks
  8. Also will the update take full advantage of my quad dac in my LG v30?
  9. @clever__man any idea as to more specific time frame as the last date was missed I understand he's working hard and wants it to be complete and the best product player before he releases it but before you gave a specific date now it's soon can you please find out within the week within the next day or two or next two weeks in August by mid August, etc. as to when it will be released I think it's fair to request this I've not griped about an ETA on the forum before I'm just wondering it would be nice to know thanks Max Andre Clever man androiddd for the info.
  10. I'm not seeing the opengl hd audio option on the 709 build am I missing something ..
  11. Hi res failing Snapdragon 24bit pcm variant LG Stylo 2 Plus phone. Please fix in next beta thanks! 7.0 android @maxmp @Andre
  12. Upon another listen it seems to be no audio difference between stand Open GL ouput on my Snapdragon 430 chip of my LG Stylo 2 Plus Android 7.0 I would like to see that working please. Thanks! @maxmp
  13. Hi Res 24 bit failed for Snapdragon pcm in 705 uni.apk for my LG Stylo 2 Plus. Hope it will be fixed. Thanks @maxmp
  14. So OpenGL HD works on nougat 7.0 not just 8.0? Sounds nice! Can anyone confirm? I have an LG Stylo 2 Plus MetroPCS variant...not sure if hi res is actually working or not it shows in the info button output it sampling and decoding at that, but since I don't have "Audio Wizard" I'm not sure. Anyway it does seem to sound better than before on OpenGL HD and hires(if that is actually outputting hires on my device) nonethe less aside from the already mentioned sometimes force closing issues lower volume output on hires and no next track or previous track buttons currently present in the player UI p
  15. Thx. For the replies. Pop $80 for some Shure SE215CL on eBay and the difference will be even greater. Blessings in The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Amen.
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