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  1. To determine CPU usage, you can use SystemPanel. For rooted users, it will show CPU usage for each process individually. For non-rooted users, you probably can determine system load change by using it, but it is very unresponsive and hard to see. So, I'd recommend either go for a temperature change or a battery current change, which can be monitored via lots of apps (including SystemPanel).
  2. @RBEmerson, @Moho Miner, @qwqwas1122, @krazzyvishal Can you confirm if @dinfinity's method also applies to you guys? And everyone else upcoming please do so as well! This can be very helpful in determining the cause of the problem. Thanks.
  3. I've reproduced the bug twice and logged it with LogcatX. Inside this screenshot, the selected 3 lines seems suspicious. Log_2019-11-01_22-09-24.zip
  4. I have successfully reproduced via your steps, with everytime successful. Please take a look at this thread again @maxmp. Screenrecorder-2019-11-01-22-19-27-234[20191101-222630].mp4
  5. So you don't use any built-in / non-file-based playlists? For me, I only use the built-in playlists. Well, that might say playing songs from any type of playlist could've got a chance to drain the battery. Anyone found different situations?
  6. Glad to see some progress on this. For the playlist, is that filebased or non-file-based?
  7. Some new discoveries about the issue on the newer versions (849 in the past days): - seems like charging will also trigger the issue - when the issue occurred, it always use a maximum of about 12.5% of CPU. which is 100% load in terms of single core.
  8. Hi, @maxmp. Have you checked out the log I've posted? Here it is:
  9. SystemPanel Works on both rooted or non-rooted phones. You may need autorun & usage access permission in order to record history in background. Package name: nextapp.sp
  10. New discovery: CPU went high when sleep timer is finished. (in custom pa playlist) This time not as high as the previous reports. CPU only went to 12%(1.9GHz), but still is abnormal for idling. The phone was cold during playing, but becomes warmer immediately after sleep timer has reached. (Logcat included) Log_2019-10-26_01-30-01.txt
  11. For me, I have no file based playlist, but sometimes play songs from Folder. As you've probably thought, I did not encounter this issue on every session.
  12. Seems like you are right. The issue reappeared. There must be something wrong with Poweramp. I think it may somehow to do with the sleep timer. Since in the log below on Saturday, at that time I was sleeping.
  13. Have you tried to turn off the Chromecast button? The issue didn't occured again for me after I've turned off that option. You may scroll up and take a look at my previous posts for more detailed information about this bug. EDIT: The issue reappeared.
  14. Here're some updates for the High CPU Usage / Battery Drain problem. Make sure you've read the message at the top of the thread before posting.
  15. I think you might be right on targeting the Chromecast button cause I've got it enabled as well.
  16. My GA is: eric.huang907@gmail.com My pa base.apk hash is: (MD5) 6c11b80682c6eec95b87a65914ea904a I think you might be right on targeting the Chromecast button since I've got it enabled as well. (See latest posts for steps to repoduce.)
  17. New issue found: causing high CPU load at background without playing any song. (I am listening to music when I took the screenshot but I was not in the last few hours.) Not sure what the reason but as I restarted the app everything works fine. (Might be indexing related or license checking?)
  18. You are right! I have mono audio turned on. The problem is solved by switching it off. BTW, if anyone needs an app killer, I found two doing good job on killing all apps. (de.hp.taskmanager) & (nextapp.sp) both work well on rooted devices.
  19. Hi-Res broken on Xiaomi Mi 6, MIUI 10 (Oreo). Only up to 16bit, 48kHz for the actual output. I was getting 24bit, 192kHz on the previous builds. Maybe that has always been the actual resolution where Hi-Res was actually broken in previous builds?
  20. Hi, all. WavePack format is a really powerful Lossy/Lossless format. Unlike most of the Lossy formats (mp3, aac, m4a & etc), it can create desired file size by specifying bit rate with a range from 24 - 2048kbps at tiny increments of 1kbps! (at hybrid Lossy mode) At the same time, it can also output any bit depth from 8bit to 32bit, enabling the possibility of a 24bit Waveform Packed inside a 320K mp3 sized media file. The point is: Please pay more attention to .wv files where PA currently does not read tags properly from it. I use foobar2k to write all tags & album art. Po
  21. Oh, I haven't thought about coding complexity. I was just wondering it will look really good if that has been implemented...
  22. If anyone would like to have the same thing, please kindly reply for popularity.
  23. For me, there's a small chance that Poweramp will produce a continuous, very loud noise at a very high frequency which blows my ears up, either when I'm listening mp3/flac files using AudioTrack/Hi-Res Output. Though, it is lucky that the chance of this bug occurs 1 time only in about 2 months. Also, the bug only occurs when switching to another song. When it happens, the visualization (the default spectrum one) is full filled with the maximum value. I am able to pause the noise by just pressing the pause button. However, when I press play, the noise continues (lol). I think I have had t
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