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  1. Yes, that is what I meant. I didn't fully understand what "List Options" exactly do. However, it looks very similar to the idea of filtering and matching criterias. In fact, the concept design image is made based on the screenshot of "List Options". Hope this will bring some inspiration.
  2. That's right. I think the current "List Option" is quite confusing and unusable. I think changing it to "Filter" will be more intuitive for most people. And I also think it is more powerful.
  3. I will be amazed if I see this to be implemented. Concept design for "Advanced Search Filter" Note: 1. New filter button beside the start playing button. 2. Rules that will filter the current search result based on them. 3. This design should be implemented in all folder-like structures (e.g. Folders, Playlists) for the most consistent searching experience.
  4. @andrewilley There are also cases where I'd like to filter tracks inside a folder or a playlist. That said, the filter tool should also exist inside Playlists or any folder-like structures. The tool should only show any filtered result instead of modifying anything. Hence, we can use features such as "Select All" to easily select them. BTW, the search tool should also be added inside any folder-like structures for further filtering. (All talks are based on the concept of having hundreds of items needed to be selected.)
  5. Adding filter will make life easier on arranging tracks. e.g. Selecting and adding all 5 starred tracks from a folder with 2000 of them to a dedicated playlist. It doesn't have to modify the list. It's all about filtering and selecting, which can make my life easier on managing, for example, rated songs and unheard songs.
  6. Case: Want some fresh tracks. Action: Check the "play count" filter inside the playlist and specify ≤5. Result: Poweramp now only plays tracks that are less heard.
  7. Case: Have played 5 star tracks for decades. Want to hear new good tracks. Action: Check the "rating" filter inside the playlist and specify 3-4 stars. Result: Poweramp now only plays 3-4 stars tracks as filtered.
  8. Anyone else look into this feature? If so, please reply to support this thread. Thanks!
  9. @andrewilley @maxmp I mean the blurred background to be animated. Not the fullscreen virtualization nor the animated lyrics.
  10. Finally, I found some screen recordings of the Apple Music app from a video site. Here you guys some MP4s. Video 1 Link Video 2 Link vShort.mp4 vLong[20200407-125149].mp4
  11. I saw Apple Music on iPhone has some fantastic background animation. It moves! I thought Poweramp should also be able to do that. Since it and Apple Music have similar design language. I will try to get a screen recording up then we can all see how good it is.
  12. Oh, I thought compressor is a feature is to shift frequency from e.g. 20Hz to 60Hz, which, you know, is somehow similar to the HDR filter in photography, to compress audio dynamic range. And I'm also not sure if there is anything existing like that. 😂
  13. @andrewilley However, it's different on my situation. As I said before, Compressor is greatly helpful on fixing that. And also,
  14. In my case it's the JBL filp 3 speaker that does not respond to frequency lower than 60Hz, which some songs sound strange with that issue. I need this feature as well as the people in this thread. It should be much easier to code than the reverb, right? p.s. If possible, please also add a button to disable pitch normalization during tempo adjustment. That is extremely useful for Nightcore songs!
  15. @RBEmerson, it was a thread that checks play service, but went into infinity loop, and I think, it is most likely caused by play service not responding. Quotes here:
  16. This is the log for pa launched at 'Folder'. I logged this with the same steps performed as before. But this time pa did not wait for any kind of weird thread. alogcat.2019-11-08-07-41-10+1100.txt
  17. 1. Switch to PA, with a playlist loaded 2. Go to next song using the main interface, not the notification interface (note: actually playing a song is not required) 3. Switch to OS monitor or SystemPanel (or any other app) 4. Notice that Poweramp CPU usage increases and stays high, specifically that it maxes out a single CPU core @maxmp, have you got the bug successfully reproduced on your end? Or is that the case where the bug only applies to only me and @dinfinity?
  18. Ah, forgot to post my device & info. In case if you need @maxmp. Model: Xiaomi MI 6 Android: 8.0.0 ROM: MIUI 10 9.3.21 Beta Security patch level: 2019-04-05 Kernel: 4.4.78-perf-ge57b3e5 CPU: Snapdragon 835 8-Core @ 2.45GHz RAM: 6.00GB Avaliable Storage: 9.37GB Poweramp version: v3-build-852-arm64-play SHA-1: 3dfe11e642d0cdc8cb2941198f732ca2007e93e3 Unlocker version: 3-build-301 SHA-1: e9e324843197257366074a3027eda6ed3adf5f25 @dinfinity, I believe that's the case as well! That instance have also appeared in the first log I've posted. (Notice there's the orange chunk below.)
  19. After some extra digging, found this: Seems like it is waiting for a thread to stop: "awakenReason":1,"stack":["java.lang.Thread.join(Thread.java:1268)","com.maxmpz.audioplayer.player.PlayerService.onDestroy","android.app.ActivityThread.handleStopService"... As:
  20. @maxmp, sorry that the developer logging wasn't functional on my phone. But you may still find this useful. Information below will be based on the log made by rs.pedjaapps.alogcatroot. I've reproduced the issue 3 times for logging, each time I ensure CPU goes up before continuing. 1. Start Poweramp 2. Swipe for next song 3. Switch to SystemPanel and wait 4. Switch back to Poweramp 5. Repeat step 2-4 two more times Then I've filtered the log with keyword "maxmp", which should only return Poweramp related instances. Here's a screenshot of the filtered & formatted log. I c
  21. Quick update: Via @dinfinity's new method, I've got the issue reproduced consistantly out of 5 times. This discovery made contribution to log quality as less instance means cleaner log.
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