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  1. Does anyone have the same wish? Come and reply.
  2. If anyone would like to have the same thing, please kindly reply for popularity.
  3. For me, there's a small chance that Poweramp will produce a continuous, very loud noise at a very high frequency which blows my ears up, either when I'm listening mp3/flac files using AudioTrack/Hi-Res Output. Though, it is lucky that the chance of this bug occurs 1 time only in about 2 months. Also, the bug only occurs when switching to another song. When it happens, the visualization (the default spectrum one) is full filled with the maximum value. I am able to pause the noise by just pressing the pause button. However, when I press play, the noise continues (lol). I think I have had tried to switch to the next song sometime before and it went back to normal. I usually have to restart Poweramp to turn it back to normal. And in conclusion, it looks like that the bug is on the decoder. Please put more attention on decoder specifically when debugging. P.s. Essential Information: Device: Xiaomi Mi 6 64GB System: MIUI 9 7.11.30 (Nougat 7.1.1) Build: alpha-build-709-play Poweramp's setting & info screenshot is attached below. File: last.Poweramp-settings
  4. I didn't see any difference between on & off on 24bit RGB. You should check if you have enabled some kind of photo & video optimization in the system settings. There are manufacturers that include this kind of feature (e.g. Sony's BRAVIA Engine).
  5. Crericper

    Percussion Boost?

    I enjoy on using Poweramp's sfx tuner a lot so here I come up with a suggestion to add Percussion Boost. It is a good idea when some music have lots of treble and you still want the drums to sound clear. And also hopefully the value can be stored with presets.
  6. Crericper

    New error

    I've tried 2 times on MIUI 9 (Nougat 7.1.1) and it all works fine. Here's some questions & suggestions: Have you tried mp3 files yet? What Android version do you have? (PA doesn't work well on Oreo) Try to change your system language to English. Try rebooting. Screenrecorder-2018-05-14-16-55-16-489.mp4
  7. I bet you should try to max the buffer. The click happens usually when there isn't enough bandwidth or single core performance. Adding more buffer should solve the problem.
  8. The new UI looks amazing with smooth animation and gestures!! And with new OpenSL ES HD Hi-Res output! However the audio lags sometimes after I adjusted the sampling rate to 192khz (same thing happened when ≥128khz but fine when ≤96khz). I also tried to increase the buffer size and it didn't turn out any better. P.s. The music lags about every 30-60 seconds. It is not very noticeable but still you can be distracted especially when the surroundings are quiet.
  9. Crericper

    Album art not showing in notification & lockscreen

    Yeah. Just remind Max about these bugs (and other bugs that many users have been reported) so there'll be less chance of getting them.
  10. Crericper

    Album art not showing in notification & lockscreen

    @andrewilleyDo these bugs happen only on my device or also on other devices? Any suggestions?
  11. Crericper

    Notification bar bug?

    I heard that Poweramp doesn't work well in Android Oreo. I'm using Xiaomi Mi 6 with MIUI 7.11.30 (Nougat 7.1.1) which is working fine. You may also check if you can go to 'Look and feel -> General -> Status bar/Notification', adjust the notification colour to solve the problem. The default setting is 'Auto' which in Android Oreo, it may not work because of not recognizing Oreo's notification colour.
  12. Build: 704 ROM: MIUI 9 7.11.30 (Nougat 7.1.1) Device: Xiaomi Mi 6 Album art shows only when long pressed and change it to a online one. For the lockscreen, it doesn't work at all. But the controls work. There's also a chance of having a incorrect aspect ratio for the album art after changing it. Screen recording on the problems: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bbzeq1fQxzJJyIGP0zWNV1Bf-5sKI1uX/view?usp=sharing
  13. Crericper

    Equalizer Mode

    Equalizer Mode, huh? What's that? It is a mode that allows other people's phone to play music on your phone via Bluetooth, WiFi or wired (by recording from microphone by using a headphone & microphone splitter). The audio is being processed by Poweramp's fantastic equalizer and it's DSPs. So the quality is extreme and your friends will be amazed! And just a reminder, output from Poweramp is able to be both Bluetooth or wired, not only on phone speaker. So you can play on more devices.
  14. Please add showing volume panel on other apps. Most of the time, OS does not have 100-steps volume panel. So instead of using the OS's volume panel, it is way better to use the volume panel from Poweramp. At this stage, Poweramp only support volume panel inside the program itself. So it will be a wonderful update if you bring it out!