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  1. Hi, the buffer settings are the defaults from installing the app. I have just tried altering them from one extreme to another with no change in delay when changing tracks/pausing using the usb keyboard input. I would like to mention the resuming a paused track (using the usb keyboard) has no delay. There is no difference between using the high res or normal output.
  2. Hi, I would first like to say that I just upgraded to v3 on my tablet car install and the sound is awesome, everything sounds tighter and clearer. My issue was also present in v2, I use my cars steering wheel controls to play/pause and skip/fastforward/rewind tracks, which is essentially using a usb keyboard plugged into the tablet. When I use the steering wheel controls, there is a delay of around 1 second before the input is recognised by Poweramp and the action occurs. This is definitely a Poweramp issue as any other commands (volume, etc..) or the same commands in different music apps are instant. Using the touchscreen to do these actions in Poweramp is also instant. I am currently using lollipop.
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