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  1. Hi Andre. Is there a good reason why Poweramp v3 doesn't work with the various Android Auto bridge apps out there? 

    Also, I think I saw it said that Max would be working on AA support once v3 was complete. Any guidance on when this will be ready? 


  2. 9 hours ago, Phrosh said:

    Again, this would force the app to appear in the app drawer. You might set a tasker profile to the launch of PowerampAuto itself and change the volume back to 100%. Just the first quick fix that came into my mind :D .

    The only reason, I decided not to use max volume is that Google Maps / TTS voice was distorted when I used maximum media volume. I thought this might have an impact on other devices / cars as well

    Thanks for the suggestion, but sadly Tasker doesn't offer PowerampAuto in its list of apps. I'd give that a go otherwise. 

    I guess I'm fortunate to have a phone and car combination where max volume is fine, no distortion at all ?

    Quick question for you - I wanted to assign an equaliser profile for use with AA. I assumed the appropriate output device for this would have been the USB DAC, but it seems to only work if I assign the profile to Bluetooth,which seems a bit strange seeing as it's playing via a USB cable. Any ideas about that? 

  3. Regarding the volume, this has been bugging the hell out of me! I have a Tasker profile that sets media volume to max when in the car, and I couldn't figure why it had stopped working! Now I know... 

    Any chance you could make the volume reduction optional? Not a massive deal, but would be appreciated by me at least. 

  4. I recently signed up as a beta tester and downloaded the v3 beta from Play yesterday. Found that couldn't get on with it so I left the beta program, uninstalled v3 beta and then reinstalled PA release version from Play. 

    My problem is that I've ended up with a different version to what I had before installing the beta. I.e. there are no visualisations, no HD support, the audio output settings are totally different, the landscape mode UI is totally different... 

    Any idea how I can get my previous version back? 

  5. @antfly please tone down your criticism of PowerampCar. Just because it doesn't fit your precise use case does not make it "completely useless". @JBoudidn't have to share his / her work with to community, and I for one am grateful despite its limitations. The app is infinitely better than having no Poweramp support in AA. 

    I would like Poweramp to be native support for AA just as much as you. However if I were the Poweramp developer, I'd not find your treatment of other app developers very encouraging. 

  6. On 05/05/2018 at 9:52 PM, fishyweb said:

    It seems to happen randomly. I can't identify any specific scenario except that it often seems to happen just a few seconds into a new track. Happened 3 times in a 90 minute drive this afternoon. 

    I think this was a red herring. I've now changed my phone to a more powerful one and have not seen this issue since. 

  7. Thanks @JBou for the effort you've put into this for us. Downloaded and had a quick play this morning.  I have a few comments and suggestions, roughly in order of importance:

    The folder list takes a VERY long time to display (over 45 seconds). Ok, I do have a lot of folders in my library (several hundreds), and maybe the delay is within PA, but I wonder if there's something that can be done to speed this up. 

    It would be good to cache the folder list so that it doesn't have to be retrieved and reprocessed each time.

    Initialise the app ready to continue the song that was last played in PA. 

    Can we have a list of artists as an additional selection option. 

    Can you expose the Shuffle control. Personally, I usually use either Shuffle Everything, or disable Shuffle altogether. 

    Album art is displaying ok when I'm displaying the app full screen on my head unit. However, if I'm displaying satnav, the album art is missing from the new track popup notifications. 

    That's it for now. Thanks in advance for implementing any of these ideas. 

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