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  1. LG v10 Android 7.0 Hi-Res Output has appeared after upgrading to Poweramp v3 alpha-build-704 from 703. But, whenever I try to play mp3s with Hi-Res Output via Wired Headset/AUX, "Failed: Poweramp Hi-Res Exp Output, Using default out" occurs. Plz, someone help me!! https://nas.pdstory.com:18893/fbsharing/gSdV3inL
  2. LG v10 Hi-Res Output has disappeared after upgrading Android 7.0 with Poweramp v3 alpha-build-703. Plz check it out, thanks https://nas.pdstory.com:18893/fbsharing/mvtW8GYH https://nas.pdstory.com:18893/fbsharing/Y1rMsLpk https://nas.pdstory.com:18893/fbsharing/weMDpQfm
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