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  1. I have a new car with a bigger audio screen and so there is more info on the screen.

    What I see now is that when is song is playing there is sometimes no art and sometimes artist art. For as far as I know I have never added artist art to my songs but only album art (folder.jpg)

    I changed some album art settings, cleared the cache and data but it keeps given the artist art instead of album art.

    Any ideas?


    2020-09-17 15.10.17.jpg

  2. I have exported my Poweramp settings because I needed to clear my app data from my Samsung S10 android phone.

    After doing that I wanted to import my settings again but all my previous exported settings are not back after importing.

    The last.Poweramp-settings are stored in "Android\data\_com.maxmpz.audioplayer"

    I did this the same way on my shield Tv a while ago and that worked perfectly. Why not on my Samsung S10 phone?


  3. This did not help. On my shield tv I had this option already enabled. 
    With the first Two songs I played just now it happened again.

    When the new song starts I see a flash on my screen so it looks like something is changing but it doesn’t. When the song is playing for two minutes the info and art suddenly did change.

    So it looks random behaviour, sometimes it works, sometimes it hangs multiple songs and sometimes there is a delay.

    Hope this helps solving it.


  4. I often notice that when a new song start to play the info, title and album art of the previous song still is visible on my phone and car system when I'm driving. I also notice this behaviour on Poweramp on my Shield TV

    This morning I had this again driving at work and for four songs the info, title and album art stayed the same while the songs do change in random order. When I change manually to the next song I will get the info etc. from that new song again.


    • Poweramp version V3 build 860 full version
    • Samsung S10 / Nvidia Shield TV
    • Android Version 10
    • Played with crossfade time but that did not help. Crossfade is set to 9850 ms

    Log send



  5. I have imported all my music from my external HDD and that works. Selecting the main folders does not work, I needed to select the sub folders but auto find was helpfull here.

    My music sounds a lot better now than it does when playing it with Kodi.

    So I have done the payment and I now hav alicenced version on Shield TV.

    Still I like it to be more Shield TV compatible because with a lot of buttons you don't see what you select. In the library for example it is trying if you have selected the right button.

    when Selecting the bass and treble buttons etc. I cab see what I'm doing.

    If this can be improved it would be really nice.


    Importing my phone setting worked great.



  6. I can't find anything on the website how I can get a website-purchased licence to unlock Poweramp on my Shield TV.

    Or how much that is?

    I'm willing to pay for it and hope that Max will make it more Shield TV compatible. 

    Also am I missing an icon on the main screen to start Poweramp now.

    NAS support would also be nice. No idea what app can create a symbolic link to my NAS.




  7. I can install the apk via sideload and it works but I can't activate it because it's not supported. For that reason I can't import the settings I use on my phone.

    Also the interface is not Shield TV friendly so selecting several options isn't real easy.

    There is no support for external devices such as my NAS to import music. Only local.


    So my request stands. PLease make the app Shield TV compatible because I tested playing some music and it sounded great.


  8. Using Poweramp on my phone for a few years now and I like it.

    I used to be a winamp user back in the day when I had a PC as media player in my living room. I have never found a media player that was that good that can be used on my Nvidia Shield TV.

    I hope Poweramp can be used on the Shield TV someday.  I know I can cast to Google chromecast but it is not stable enough for me.


    Thanks in advance.

  9. I can use Poweramp for connecting with BT to my Samsung Soundbar but it is not stable enough and I can’t walk out of the room without connection lost of BT.

    With my Samsung music app I can connect with Wifi to my sounbar, just like spotify etc.

    With Poweramp this is not working now so I hope this will be able to do in the future.

    The samsung music app is nice but is not Poweramp so that’s why I like Poweramp to get this option to.



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