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  1. Just installed Alpha build 703 on my new Fiio X7 mark II... No Hi Res Audio support Was hoping it would work as the dac supports up to 32bit 384khz natively. If the new beta build ever gets released, hopefully with support for Fiio X7 & X5ii, then Ill give Poweramp another go. Until then, Neutron Player and Fiio Music will be my daily drivers.
  2. It will never be released. But if you don't need Hi Res output, the current alpha version is brilliant anyways.
  3. Neutron is nipping at the heels of Poweramp. Latest version of Neutron Player supports Hi-Res output on the Fiio X5iii and iBasso DX200 (Android based dedicated DAPs). Poweramp is still the best music player for Android, but with the extremely slow update cycle it's quite possible another player will soon overtake it.
  4. True, my apologies. I was scanning over the replies, kind of misread yours I guess. You did say you'd like to hear a few words from Max, that he's still alive, which is fair enough. Problem is, once you log in, most people read would read through at least the last few replies.
  5. Why on earth would he want to come on here and read all these negative comments? He's working hard, reading this crap is just gonna demotivate him. Regarding the alpha build, I did mention previously that alpha should have been updated prior to starting the beta project / UI revamp. But this was a tactical error at the time, and it is what it is. It's perfectly reasonable if Max wants to focus his efforts on the beta build, any work today on alpha couldn't be ported to beta, so it would just be a waste of time. I think the greatest fear people have is that Max has abandoned the project. But why would the moderator continue moderating this forum if its abandonwear? And why would the developer need to post here? That's not his job. At the end of the day we just need to be patient. Poweramp will continue to be the number 1 audio app for Android, if beta is released with minimal bugs.
  6. July release date, for sure! Lolz, jking, never gonna happen... Realistically though, I think a lot of people here don't appreciate the complexity of building an app like this for Android. The challenge is in the fact that there are so many different manufacturers and devices, all of which have multiple builds and versions of Android. Poweramp uses its own audio engine which bypasses Android, essentially manipulating the device software to allow direct access to the built in Hi Res dac. Developing an app requires testing of all the most popular devices, and fixing a bug on one device can create a new bug on a different device... Large companies have whole teams for this type of work. Poweramp doesn't have these kinds of resources. The only negative thing I would say, is that the existing 704 build should have seen a 705 release to fix the most glaring bugs, most notably issues with the Hi Res output. People here would not be complaining anywhere near as much, if this approach had been taken. Practically everybody is on Android N by now, and thus stuck with 704 if they want to use Hi Res output (being a key feature of Poweramp). It's completely understandable and acceptable that a full UI rebuild is taking longer than expected. But you need to give the people a product that works, in the meanwhile. Making empty promises about the release date has only compounded the issue. Im coming back to this thread mostly for entertainment these days, secretly hoping that eventually the new build will be released... But I still think Poweramp is a fantastic app. I nearly rolled back to Marshmallow when I found out about this issue with build 704.
  7. Im checking this thread almost daily for news of the beta release. Im not sure why..
  8. I get where your coming from, but what I am saying is that regardless of the frequencies, on the HTC 10 specifically, the Aqstic chip is simply a better DAC than the standard Qualcomm DAC. And I can also hear the difference when upscaling CD quality FLAC files, I've done A>B comparisons and 192 kHz sounds better than 44.1 kHz on the 24bit Aqstic. My headphones are Beyerdynamic T51, which are a pretty good match with the HTC 10 imo. I trust my ears more than any arguments pro or contra. The difference is subtle, but it's noticable. I would describe Hi Res vs CD audio as being fuller, more detailed, with more clarity and texture. This possibly has more to do with the mastering than the actual frequency etc., as digital Hi Res audio is more likely to be from a modern remastered source, and the mastering techniques used for Hi Res audio deliberately allow for greater dynamic range.
  9. Regardless if you believe there is no difference between Hi Res audio and CD quality audio (I disagree) either way the audio output on HTC Hi Res 24bit 192k is better quality than the standard 16bit 48k. But you will need good headphones to hear the difference. Mastering makes a huge difference too. Well mastered CD quality audio can sound better than Hi Res audio with poor mastering. Well mastered Hi Res audio can sound absolutely fantastic, but again is dependent on you equipment. Without top notch headphones and DAP / amp etc. you won't hear much difference. A lot of vinyl rips aren't that great, due to poor recording equipment and/or mastering, and this doesn't do much for promoting Hi Res audio. Also, CD quality lossless FLAC is much better than any lossy source.
  10. Omg, this thread is hilarious. Everyone just calm down! I really am beginning to think that the next beta build is a myth, seems like it will never be released. Either way, bashing the dev won't achieve anything. I do wish, however, that the dev could have fixed the bugs of the last alpha build, before embarking on an ambitious overhaul of the entire UI. Most of us are on Nougat by now, and hi-res output is a core feature of this app. It's annoying to have buggy support for hi-res. Let's be realistic here. Neutron has a fantastic output, however, only supports hi-res via an external usb dac. So it's useless for owners of LG V20, HTC 10 etc. Plus the UI is rubbish... No other audio player app can match the output of Poweramp. The existing UI of Poweramp is fine, in fact I like it, so I'm a bit perplexed as to why a UI overhaul is required in the first place. But I will be very happy if and when it does get released, provided all bugs related to audio output are fixed. If anger is directed at anybody, it should be directed towards HTC. They have released a phone with high end audio capability without the required app to take advantage of the hardware. It ships with Google Play music... Can't comment on LG, as I am a HTC 10 owner, but it should be noted that Poweramp is the only app that can really take advantage of the dac & amp combo in this phone. For this I am thankful, regardless of the buggy alpha release and eternally delayed new release.
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