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  1. True but everyone has different reactions having been kept waiting for two years so don't try to make an impact on others. I'm sure that you are impatient and eager as well.
  2. I wonder who gives you the power to accuse users of not paying for another time for something doesn't and won't exist? I am totally disappointed about both maxmp and this terrible support team.
  3. Interesting. Never have I ever heard of an Android app that requires to pay for each version. Do you really think your half-dead app can be compared with Photoshop or MS office? Do you really aware what you have said? You mean you want users to pay for an imperfection again and again? Awful words.
  4. I wonder if Max is a full-time developer of Poweramp? Maybe he's got an other job, therefore won't concentrate on Poweramp?
  5. But sadly Poweramp doesn't have a powerful solidary team behind it. Or the development of v3 won't be so spiny. I remember Max said that he wasn't good at managing a team (or some other words like that), this also showed that the team wasn't very solidary. P.S. I'm not saying Poweramp should be an open-source app, but pointing out the fact.
  6. Can't agree with you more. Open source projects are good.
  7. Poweramp is dead. Sadly and suddenly realized on this new year's day. (Or maybe I should say this after 7hrs when it's 1st, Jan in Los Angeles.🤔)
  8. It's been half a year since last alpha release, maybe there should be at least a beta release? Or maybe in 2100? There are some little problems with my earphones since I updated to Android O, for instance, I can't pause/start playing music by earphone.