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  1. Holy Shit! It worked! I thought I had clicked everything clickable; guess I missed that one. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU! You're a life (and eye) saver! A thousand kudos to you!!!
  2. Long time Poweramp user here. I have it installed on three android phones with zero probs. But when I installed it on my Samsung Tablet, I can't find any way to disable the screen visualization feature. On my phones, under Visualization there is simply a DISABLE feature. That does not appear on my Tablet. When a song starts, I get the album artwork for a couple of seconds, then the visualization kicks in. The artwork appears again when I change or stop a song. But as soon as the next song starts, after a couple of seconds the album cover disappears and the visualizations kicks in again. I want to completely DISABLE Visualization. I want to see my album artwork! Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it? I don't want to look at a graphic EQ or pretty colorful designs....I wants my album art. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Can anybody point me in the right direction....PLEASE? Thanks in advance.
  3. PROBLEM SOLVED! I guess it was one of those situations where I just had to walk away from it for a while and it came to me! When you look at the playback screen, click the Visualization icon. Under the Visualization heading, you have Normal, Full Screen, and Disabled. Just set it for Disabled and viola! The old-style screen with artwork is back! If you keep at it long enough, you'll figure it out...
  4. Poweramp Version: alpha-build-703-play (Full Version) Phone: LG V20 Beta Tester here, and long time user of Poweramp. First, I received and installed the new update today, and it's my first experience with the new build. Out of the box, I'm 99% completely satisfied - I LOVE it! My 1% dissatisfaction comes from having some Album Art issues. I get artwork two ways: I let Poweramp see what it can find, and I also keep a separate Album Artwork folder on my phone that I access via my Photo Gallery. Between the two, I choose and apply the artwork I like the best. The problem is, no matter which I choose and apply, neither is displayed during a song playback. While a song plays, my phone displays a full-screen visualization - a "Kaleidoscope" kind of effect. It looks pretty cool....but it's NOT the album artwork. When I hit the Pause/Stop button, the album art appears again and stays on the screen...UNTIL I resume Play. The artwork disappears again and the colored visualization comes back on. Is this a setting I need to change on my end with the Poweramp app setup, or is it a glitch in the new build? I've played around for hours with every adjustment combo I can think of, but the problem still persists. I have no problem with Poweramp finding artwork, nor do I have a problem choosing my own artwork from the folder on my phone Gallery. But when I apply the artwork to a particular song, it only displays correctly until I hit PLAY. I guess what I want to know is how do I set up Poweramp to display Album Artwork like the older prior versions. Below are two screenshots: The first (A) is with Poweramp on STOP/PAUSE, the second (B) is what appears during PLAY. Any clue how I can remedy this and set it up like the old display? I want the Album Artwork to display during the playback of a song, and have the artwork change when the song changes...basically like in past versions of Poweramp. Any and all suggestions/fixes would be greatly appreciated. Other the the Artwork situation, I'm loving the new build! Easier to setup, easier to customize, and awesome sound! Looking forward to some new skins. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. I have but ONE single request: Replace the "Crossfade" feature with a "Segue" feature - so that songs go from one to the other "radio style". Make it user customizable, but instead of one song fading out while another fades in, Song A would fade out, and with 4-5 seconds (user adjustable) of fade time left, Song B would begin at FULL VOLUME - instead of fading in - similar to a radio station seque. The crossfade as it is now (which is the same crossfade that every other player app uses) sounds less than desirable, and I would rather do without and just have dead air between songs. I mean, this is a media player - and the user should be able to adjust exactly how that media is played. There's only ONE app that uses the Seque transition concept - that being Neutron - and it works and sounds incredible. Unfortunately, other than the music transition feature, the rest of the app sucks. PLEASE Poweramp - I've been a loyal, paying customer for years. Tweaking up the Crossfade feature so that it is more of a "seque" adjustment, would make me and thousands of other Poweramp users VERY happy, Can you please at least look into the coding of the Neutron app to see what makes it tick, and if possible, add it to Poweramp? That is all. Thanks for playing.
  6. CZ75B

    Crossfade where new song starts at normal volume

    Hopefully the Poweramp team reads these Forums, because this is one post that they need to see. Working in radio for almost 20-years,this feature is a MUST for users like me who want to use what we call a "segue" instead of the standard crossfade. The only other app that uses the seque method is Neutron...but the rest of that app is so complicated I gave up on trying to figure it out. Apparently the Poweramp team isn't too concerned with their PAID users' requests, since we've been asking for this feature for years. Come on guys, it can't be that complicated to implement: While song #1 is fading out, song #2 starts at a time set by the user (usually 2-4 seconds before song #1 fades out completely) at 100% full volume. It sounds totally awesome, and I (along with many others, apparently) would like to see it added to Poweramp...yesterday. I've been using Poweramp for years...and I paid for it almost as soon as I downloaded and started using it. I know thousands of PAID users use the app, so it's not like the developers can't afford to add the feature. If you want to know exactly how you set up the seque feature, download the trial version of Neutron. All features work for 14 days, so it would give you time to autopsy the app and find out how to implement the feature. You won't regret it. PLEASE -- I'm begging the Poweramp Gods to add the "segue" feature to an already awesome app...and I assure you, you would rule the market. Thanks in advance...and I hope you don't disappoint me.