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  1. I just think it works as a background. Idk, just thought I'd ask.
  2. Is it possible to have visualization on without fading the controls as well as album art? I tried to turn faded opacity to 100 but the album art still disappears.
  3. I second this. I never really cared for the Android lockscreen album art, but since I installed LineageOS, I kinda want the lockscreen to display album art when using the notification helper.
  4. The thing is, a lot of people complaining about material design are power users focused on purpose. However, MOST people aren't like that. They see something with an ugly UI, and they don't like it. That was actually why I held off on buying Poweramp for a month or so. Max is probably trying to get more users with a clean UI, despite the delays.
  5. I honestly do not believe this. If you remember getting v3 from v2, you would have noticed two things: 1. The UI layout was completely changed 2. Some buttons had the material design circle effect. Because of this, I believe the current layout for the alpha will be the same as the beta. This screenshot may be fake, or it is of a different app (hence the lack of Poweramp icon in status bar and radio app thumbs up and down buttons.
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