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  1. Hello Surge, I just merely provided the link to the latest 'available' apk released by the developers. Pardon me if there was any misunderstandings. Cheers!
  2. Cristi, since a fix has not been released by the developers I have found a temporary solution to suppress this problem. What you need to get is 2 applications from play store, namely: Bass booster and Speaker booster. These will allow you to operate Poweramp as of normally as the problem noted is the bass issue with Poweramp combined with its usable range of volumes. I have been using this combination of apps for around 3 weeks now and it does help the issue at hand. I shall provide you further details are required to help you with this matter. Bass Booster by Desaxed Studios Speake
  3. Let me provide you with the link: The download link is on the left side of the page. Cheers!
  4. I downloaded the v2 alpha version, but to my disappointment it still didn't solve the issue. Just some additional information, other music players do not display this problem. Ive noticed that it the issue is mainly related to the bass levels in the app. Doesnt give out solid and clear bass like before. However all the other features are working fine as far as I can see Thanks!
  5. Hello, While upgrading to Android Marshmellow, Ive seen a significant decrease in audio quality in the app, I have turned DVC off but the bass and treble being released sounds very cranky and distorted. This issue was not seen in Android KitKat where the volume issue was not seen and the sound modifiers were working like they were supposed to be
  6. Hi, i've gotten the same problems as you have after upgrading my firmware to Android 6.0.1 Marshmellow. The app worked fine in Android Kitkat and previous firmwares. Although Ive given a report to the developers they do not seem to be fixing the problem or at least delivering a statement on whether they are working on it or not. Hopefully this problem will be solved ASAP.
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