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  1. Took a couple of tries re-selecting the folder, but works now, thank you!
  2. Old phone was a Pixel 3 with Android 10, now I have a Pixel 4 with Android 11. Settings were copied across automatically, layout, colors, etc are all set up as I had on the old phone, which is what I want. I have a single folder called "Music" in the root of my internal storage that has a few thousand files in it--no subfolders. The changes in 11 are making it difficult to get files to play. VLC is working fine though. Here's a video of me trying to set it up. I must be missing a step; any ideas? The first popup allows me to choose "Internal storage" which I understand would
  3. Looks beautiful, and works wonderfully. I'd say the only issue I've found is the equalizer on a tablet UI doesn't look proper. With regards to the tablet UI, it would be better if a lot of the buttons and elements were slightly bigger. They're a little small, like the equalizer buttons
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