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  1. Took a couple of tries re-selecting the folder, but works now, thank you!
  2. Old phone was a Pixel 3 with Android 10, now I have a Pixel 4 with Android 11. Settings were copied across automatically, layout, colors, etc are all set up as I had on the old phone, which is what I want. I have a single folder called "Music" in the root of my internal storage that has a few thousand files in it--no subfolders. The changes in 11 are making it difficult to get files to play. VLC is working fine though. Here's a video of me trying to set it up. I must be missing a step; any ideas? The first popup allows me to choose "Internal storage" which I understand would include that folder and all folders underneath it recursively, which is not what I want. So that's why I hit the + and selected that folder. But the "Invalid storage: Please use the sidebar in the system dialog to select the target provider plugin" toast comes up every time
  3. Looks beautiful, and works wonderfully. I'd say the only issue I've found is the equalizer on a tablet UI doesn't look proper. With regards to the tablet UI, it would be better if a lot of the buttons and elements were slightly bigger. They're a little small, like the equalizer buttons
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