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  1. I have some pretty big issues with the way these big eyed ugly black buttons get in the way of cover art when I'm playing a song in version three. I don't know why you made the aesthetic choices that you did but I don't find it a very visually pleasing experience to use v3. Album mart is typically squares so by zooming in to cover the full screen and then obscuring and already cropped image with ugly black buttons seems an odd choice. I've seen some skins where the buttons were made translucent but I still have to wonder the utility of zooming and cropping the image. It makes both the interface more difficult to use and obscures the cover art. I just figured out how to stop auto updating so I can stay on version to you for a while now but I wonder if these are just temporary choices because you haven't worked out that you are yet or is this the final way that v3 is going to look. I guess besides accessing hardware decoders I don't really need any features that V2 doesn't have so I'm happy to stay with it, but it would be nice to at least have an option for V3 to look as clean as v2 does during playback.